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I can hear my neighbor broadcasting in my speakers, how can I stop this?

Asked by wgallios (1768points) July 2nd, 2010

My neighbor is one of those guys that is into the CB radio or ham radio thing, and has a huge antenna in his backyard (which is completely fine, if thats his thing, great).

However in one my rooms upstairs I have a computer that I can hear his broadcasting (just his end) through my speakers. It’s very faint, but I can still make out what he is saying.

It really doesn’t bother me, but now I am converting the room to have a couch and TV. Should I continue to hear him (in that room, or on my speakers), is there anything I can do to stop this? Report to FCC, or change speaker cable for example?

I have also heard neighbors complain because they can hear him too in their electronics, so I know its not just me.

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I guess you could politely ask him to turn down the amplification on his antenna.

The alternative is to buy expensive shielded cabling for your audio electronics.

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Actually, the same solutions suggested here will work for your issue. Go to a Radio Shack or another small electronics supplier and ask for RF suppressors, they are small (and inexpensive) magnets that clamp around your speaker wires and shield them from interference. Also run your wires as short as possible, if they are pre-fab wires with ends on them coil up the excess and that should take out most; if not all, of the interference.

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Do you know him well? Look him up here and find out if he is listed. If he’s there, he is legit and will gladly help. Stop by and tell him about your problem and ask for suggestions. He might put a filter on his equipment as well.
He will also tell you about his station.

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You could try…

The last answer to the question on this site seems best. eric

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It’s up to you to take care of your rf problem, if he is a legally licensed ham operator.
Amazing how many neighbors when we lived in the city threatened to sue us because they could hear us. If you approach him with kindness, I’m sure he’ll assist and will be sorry that he’s bothering you.

But piss them off and rmember that he probably has a scanner and can listen to all of your cordless phone conversations, so watch what private info you say w/o being on a hardline phone,

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I think I actually found a solution to the situation. I actually plugged the equipment into a shielded surge protector and now it seems to have fixed the problem. I determined it wasn’t coming through the speaker wires (I unplugged all input wires and left only power and I could still hear him).

If that’s all it takes to fix it, then its worth the $13 or whatever it costs to not hear him and not have to go through the motions just to complain.

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