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Can somebody tell me what language this is '周末愉悅?'?

Asked by fightfightfight (601points) July 2nd, 2010

Just need to know.

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Google says it’s Chinese.

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@Ivan I’m curious, what search or site did you find that information? I sometimes find a language that I don’t know, and I can’t translate it.

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@YARNLADY I’m talking to a person on my yahoo account contacts and he’s speaking Chinese to me, so he said it

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It’s Mandarin. Literally translated : weekend pleasure. Would need context to translate nuance or exact meaning. :D


Chinese. Those are all Chinese characters, readable to anyone who speaks any kind of dialect of Chinese, and who has a written knowledge of the language.

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That means “have a nice weekend” in Mandarin.

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I thought mandarin and cantonese had the same script… could be wrong.

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@roundsquare , You are correct. This helps to account for why it is difficult to replace the cumbersome Chinese characters with an alphabetic language representation.

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Mandarin, cantonese, hokkine, hakka etc etc are chinese language dialects. The chinese characters used are still the same for a dialects, just the way of pronounciation is different. Formation of a sentence using chinese characters for different dialect is also different.

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No Chinese will speak or write that way. It’s more like a show title. Trust me. I am Chinese.

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As has already been noted, it’s Mandarin Chinese for “have a good weekend,” though it would usually be written as 周末快乐 (PinYin “zhou mo kuai le”—周末/zhou mo = “weekend”, 快乐/kuai le= “happy”—I’ll save tones for your next lesson…). Finally, @roundsquare , Mandarin and Cantonese do not exactly share the same script. Mainland China uses simplified characters, while Hong Kong and Taiwan still use traditional characters. Many of the characters are the same, but many have been “simplified” for use on the mainland.

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Honestly…it looks like Robot. Especially this part: 悅

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@tb1570 Really? Very interesting. I was under the impression that they were the same. Good to have this cleared up.

How different are they? As in… if you can read one, can you read the other?

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