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What are some activities you just freaking hate?

Asked by bob_ (19685points) July 2nd, 2010

Follow up to the questions asked by Vunessuh, nikipedia and wildpotato.

I wanted to answer, but I couldn’t come up with a response. I did, however, think of a bunch of things I can do, but that I just freaking hate. Like washing the dishes. I hate washing the dishes. I can get the job done, nothing spectacular, not in record time, but, you know, regularly. Not too bad, not too good.

What about y’all?

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Didn’t we just answer this? I swear we just did. I guess it’s a variation. I hate cleaning, big time and I hate cooking/ironing/laundry/keeping house. I hate making sandwiches and I hate sandwiches (unless it’s a Nutella sandwich and by Nutella sandwich I mean, it’s a jar on top of a jar of Nutella) So there.

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I just freaking hate making the bed. So the rule around here is the last one out the bed has the make it up. Of course, I’m the first one up in the morning. Then I have the nerve to be a stickler about tight sheets and fluffed pillows. lol!

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I hate folding clothes. I don’t mind putting them in the washer and dryer, but I hate folding them.

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@AmWiser @Seaofclouds Oh, yes..I hate making the bed and folding clothes.

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Well I hated physical education when I was in school. I skipped it adamantly to go ruin my health behind the arena by smoking cigarettes.
Currently, I hate socializing.


Mowing the lawn in summer. :(

Shovelling the snow in winter. :(

Baby-sitting our neighbor’s little 9 year-old son——the boy’s a naughty little brat. :(

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I hate packing lunch for someone else. (So I don’t do it, they pack their own)
I hate making appointments. I hate returning phone calls. I hate vacuuming the stairs.
I hate cooking when it’s really hot.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I ‚ô• Nutella. When I was in Italy, I had to force myself not to buy it, ‘cause I knew I’d just eat it right out of the jar.

The previous question was about stuff you’re good at, but hate doing. This one is simply about stuff you hate. So, yeah, I guess it’s a small variation.

@wilma I hate leaving voice messages.

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I hate being the designated driver. It’s boring sitting in a bar when everyone else is wasted.
I hate walking uphill.
I hate organizing my Ipod.

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@bob_ I hate leaving voice messages too. I don’t usually do it, I just hang up.
I hate dusting and I hate cleaning the shower walls too.

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I hate socializing and I hate cocktail parties. I also hate just about everything that has been mentioned above.

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@py_sue Definitely hate walking up. You can always hear me say ‘up?! up is NOT an option’


@plethora I hear ya! Can’t stand those “dibble-dabble” parties where people mingle like social butterflies mouthing off superficial niceties and introductions and “So what do you do?”, “Well, Doreen and her husband Jake are going to their cottage this summer…”, “His son’s in college now, he was the captain of the football team in high school,” and blah, blah, blah. Lol. I’d much rather spend the day walking through a beautiful, peaceful forest!

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I loathe cleaning the bathroom.

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Dishes. I refuse to touch dirty, wet dishes in the sink. I would seriously prefer to clean a toilet.

Wrapping presents. So I don’t…I just hand people their shit instead. XD

And I loathe talking on the phone. There are only a few people (that I can count on one hand) where I don’t mind speaking to them by telephone – but usually just the idea of it bothers me. It’s my least favorite form of communication.

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@Vunessuh Dude, the toilet? Why, oh, why?

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I hate making the bed! I will make the bed when I change the sheets. Other than that my bed is never made.

I also cannot stand doing dishes. If everyone were to rinse the dishes and scrub them before hand I would have no problem washing them.

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Dishes, cleaning the floors, and making my bed (but that last one is because I don’t see the point so long as it’s just me and no bedroom company…)

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Housecleaning. Any kind. Don’t mind dishes, laundry, bed changing, etc., or sweeping with a broom, but if it involves a mop or a sponge or a spray cleanser or a vacuum cleaner, I hate it.

I don’t enjoy parties, but I don’t actively hate them. I just avoid them. However, I loathe company picnics and group lunches with coworkers and all workplace social events. I was probably 30 years into my working life before it occurred to me for the first time that somebody must actually like those things or else we wouldn’t keep having them.

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@Jeruba Yes, put me down for company events. Especially ones that aren’t official so much as one worker inviting half the co-workers and then snubbing the others, and then if you are invited, it’s a slam if you don’t go, even if you already had other plans or don’t want to spend your free time with them…

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I hate putting away laundry. I don’t mind gathering it, washing it, drying it or even folding it. I hate putting it away. Same with the dishwasher. Unloading it and putting everything away is just such a beating for me.

I also hate listening to voice mail. I usually never listen to them. I just let them pile up. If you called me and I didn’t answer, I will call and say “What did you want?” no need to leave a message.

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@knitfroggy I am the same way. I hate putting away laundry. My clean clothes sit inside the hamper I used to bring them upstairs

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@knitfroggy Me too, which then really really bugs people. Which is why Google Voice transcription is a life-saver.

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@ZEPHYRA Amen to that! I will not buy any clothing that needs ironed!

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Having to send my Grandson’s home at the end of every weekend.

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@Vunessuh and @bob_ I love cleaning toilets.

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I hate having to drive 50 miles each way to do laundry in a laundromat where it costs me $70.00 and four hours of my time. Want to do my laundry?

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At the rate of $70 a pop, wouldn’t that add up to the cost of a washer and dryer in fairly short order?

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I have a set of Maytags. My rented house is not set up for using them. The basement leaks and there is no suitable plumbing for the washer. The machines are at my wife’s house in Montana. I can’t cross the border until I get the documents I need to do so.

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I hate vacuuming (which I’m avoiding by answering this question!), dusting, mopping and cleaning the bathroom.

I also hate having to be pleasant to my BIL’s mother-in-law. We only see them two or three times a year, but that is still too much. She’s a control freak and is sure that she is right about everything. Blech!

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I like vacuuming and doing laundry for some reason. But I detest doing dishes and cleaning out the fridge

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@mattbrowne Dude. Ich auch.

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forgot : wrapping Lots of presents. I’d Pay someone to do it.
Shopping in a hot department store.
Taking dogs to groomer. She vomits every time.

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@mattbrowne, luckily my husband assumes it’s his job, and I have never cared to disturb that notion.

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@Aster I’m with you on the gift wrapping. I put it off as long as I can and then I spend half the night wrapping them so the kids aren’t left with bunch of unwrapped gifts under the tree because Mama procrastinated just like she said she wasn’t going to.

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I’ll happily wrap all your presents and make each one look unique and special and tailored to the contents and the recipient if you’ll mop my kitchen floor and clean out my refrigerator. And, uh, clean the bathroom.

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Most office tasks. Vacuuming and washing the floors. I don’t like any home cleaning really, but it’s satisfying washing dishes and everything is all clean and the kitchen all tidy again. :D Same goes for cleaning bathrooms.

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