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When do you think mankind will end?

Asked by Berserker (33475points) July 2nd, 2010

Not the end of the world or existence itself and the like…but the end of mankind. When do you think that there will no longer be any humans left on Earth?
You can say how you think it will happen, and why, but I’m really interested in knowing when you think it shall occur. How much time do we got left?

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Hmmm..I’ll say 2500..

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Most likely by making the earth unfit for human survival. There’s the slow way (a century or so) of climate change, rising atmospheric CO2 levels, desertification and ruined fresh water sources. Or, if you prefer, a nuclear Armageddon. The flies and cockroaches (and zombies) will survive us in either event.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Fuck yeah, I hope my corpse becomes a zombie. I’d love to contribute to the end of it all. :D

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We have a huge amount of time left. Like 2 million more years. Because we will force on our “children” the world that we make and that is our reward or punishment. That gives our soul time to be sent back to fix things if we did not “get it right” thus having to learn a thing or three.

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I do not believe in the Apocalypse or anything of that sort.

When humankind has made our planet unlivable or some series of major geological events make the planet uninhabitable, then our species may cease to exist on Earth.

If the giant volcanic caldera under Yellowstone National Park turns into a supervolcano , it could immediately kill off most live over much of the USA and parts of Canada. Over the following few years it could wipe out most life on earth. This could happen any time or not for thousands of years. Scientists can’t predict the future. They are good at learning from the past.

There are other potential geological events that could occur in other places on Earth that couls do other very nasty things to the world as we know it.

People digging deep into the earth for oil or minerals could unintentionally set off a disaster that might not have happened on its own for eons.

So I don’t know exactly how or when but I know it could happen, or not!

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In the year 2525.

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I don’t think Mankind will ever end. I think that mankind will survive even if this planet doesn’t.

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@vbabe96 You should read @mattebrowne’s book. You’d probably like it.

Honestly, unless current conditions drastically change, I’d give us a few hundred years, tops.

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@Symbeline Hell yeah, I’ll join you! ;^D

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Mankind is like the cockroach, a survivor. As far as I am concerned, ethically mankind has already ended.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Let’s fuck this joint up. :)

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@MaryW What is a soul?

@mrentropy Haha.

@vbabe96 How?

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@Symbeline I’ll set the charges, you can light the fuse! ;^D

“Badges? We don’t need no steenking badges!”

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Lets just hope for a large meteor to hit this earth(once again).

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Other people have said it and I agree. If mankind survived without a language, agriculture, hygeine, etc. It’ll survive anything else.

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Think how the environment is changing and then imagine how mankind will evolve to fit in.
Let’s take a negative scenario: food shortages and starvation with high CO2 and many ozone holes.
Our skin would develop a new form of melanin that will act like a weak chloroplasts. We would be shorter.

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In the year 273,041,991,835 CE. I’m really worried about all the red dwarfs out there running out of fuel. We should think of something.

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In about 5 billion years from now when the sun exhausts its supply of hydrogen and goes “POOF!”

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@HungryGuy – I think the year 5,000,000,000 CE is an extremely unlikely date for mankind to end. We will either make it past the year 2100 (or 3000) or not. And if yes, I can’t imagine that mankind doesn’t find a way to leave the solar system.

Ergo: The death of our sun doesn’t matter at all !!

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@mattbrowne – Well, yes. There is a 100% certainty that we will either make it past 2100 or we won’t make it past 2100. And yes, I think it is likely that we will develop the technology to support a closed micro-ecology (a.k.a. spaceship) and place manned scientific research stations on other planets. But I think it is unlikely that journeys to other planets will amount to anything more than scientific outposts in “Antarctica.”

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@HungryGuy – What about other star systems? Why should this not happen after the years 2100 or 2500 or X, if humanity does make it?

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@mattbrowne – I dont understand your question.

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@HungryGuy – Why not expect full-scale colonizations instead of small “Antarctica” outposts? I.e Earth-like extrasolar planets.

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@mattbrowne – Well, some people will jump at the chance, but I don’t think a sufficient number of people needed to establish a viable self-sustaining colony will commit themselves, their children, their grand children, their great grandchildren, etc., etc., to life on board a ship for the rest of their lives. Also, unlike the colonial colonists, interstellar colonists can’t expect to find a habitable world ripe for homesteading and farming. Even when they get there, they’ll still have to live in cans for many generations while their paradise is being terraformed. Again, sci-fi enthusiasts will love to go, but the vast majority of people will want no part of it…

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@HungryGuy – I might seem impossible now. But in 2100 or 2500 it will seem quite realistic. In any case it will seem realistic before our sun turns into a red giant.

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@mattbrowne – For the sake of the survival of the human race, I hope you’re right!

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