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Suggestions for good nerdy podcasts?

Asked by occ (4051points) July 2nd, 2010

I’m looking for some new podcasts…interesting educational ones. Current faves include Radiolab, This American Life, and The Moth podcasts. I’m interested in finding a good short poetry podcast or other interesting topics. Literature, science, arts, or even something good on cooking. Suggestions?

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Definitely check out the Engadget podcasts, very insightful and entertaining.

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Look on this site. Great educational and cultural stuff. They have a whole podcast library divided up into various categories.

After a thorough perusal, your biggest complaint will be that there’s too much stuff to pick from. Free college courses, poetry, arts, languages. Basically a nerd’s paradise.

I’ve only recently begun to scratch the surface of all the great stuff here.

They also have an iPhone app.

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Stuff you should know. just started listening a little while back, now I can’t stop. It’s a great series with some very interesting topics, like zombies and the necronomicon up to interesting (and disgusting) parasites and the Large Hadron Collider. And very fun, in general.

Also, How Stuff Works now has quite a few other podcasts, too, like ‘stuff your mom never told you’ and ‘stuff you forgot in history class’ and so on, on more focused topics.

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I podcast a lot of stuff from NPR. Mostly science stuff, but they have absolutely everything. I’ve discovered loads of new music through them and they even podcast live concerts you can download and keep on your mp3 player. My faves from last year were The Ting Tings and Bjørk. Book reviews, readings….. etc.

And The Sceptic’s guide… but it’s rather science related, but loads of subject too:

I’m now booking marking everyone’s suggestions. Thanks for such a brilliant question!

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I agree with @BhacSsylan . The “Stuff You SHould Know” and “Stuff You Missed in History Class” are good. Also, “Wait…Wait…Don’t Tell Me” is one of my favorites. “Real Time with Bill Maher” is pretty good. “Now on PBS” and “Risk” are also pretty good.

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Talk of the Nation- Science Fridays!
And a big second for @jenandcolin ‘s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

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@mattbrowne Oh yeah! forgot about
But I never think of pod casting those with the video… I don’t know why.

I sit in Second Life and listen to Science Fridays (it’s during Friday night here) and there is a group of us and we have EXCELLENT discussions. About 50 of us on a good day.

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