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Ladies, ever been in a mosh pit and things got a little crazy; if so, we're you able to hold your own with the big boys?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 2nd, 2010

My lady and I just came back from seeing Against Me and Silversun Pickups. We maneuvered our little arses up to the front of the stage, to the left. A rather large mosh pit formed during Ss P. Even though the music at this point was mellow, a few boys (carry over from the punk band Against Me) were acting ridiculous and started shoving guys and girls quite hard. Both Nikki and I are 5’2” and these guys were all 6’ and over. Most people were annoyed, and unfortunately, a few received elbows to the face, one to the eye. When the guys started shoving near Nikki and I, I shoved this rather large dude back (so hard that he went crashing down). Then I went to grab his ridiculous hat off of his head. I almost got it, when he noticed what I was about to do and took it off himself, turned it upside down and offered it to me like a gentleman. He was sorry.

I was ready to smack a bitch.

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I’ve been in a few mosh pits and able to hold my own just fine. I think it’s a matter of being prepared for it.

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I had to wade in and rescue Meg and Gen out of one a few years ago. Same deal; we came for the Goth act, but there were punkers hanging from a previous show. They just got overwhelmed, I had to do the bulldozer routine.

Are you and Nikki alright? It’s good that that guy responded well to the “reminder” about his behavior.

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I’m not exactly petite lol. We Polish girls can hold our own just about anywhere ;)

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When I was a kid we lived with a load of moshers and so regularly went to gigs…scared the hell out of me back then thinking I was going to get crushed and so even now the thought of going to a live gig fills me with dread. However, I did go to the Isle of Wight Festival a few years ago to see Muse (mainly) and stood right in the thick of it…Major achievement for me!

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I’m a bitch when it comes to being in the pit at concerts.
I understand and respect the unwritten rules of circle pits. I know how to run through them without getting my ass handed to me. I know how to break them up completely.
I also go to concerts expecting to come back with battlescars and bruises. Last concert, I took a foot to the eye by a crowd surfer.
I refuse to get knocked down because of my size and because people don’t know how to act when the circles form.
The people that stand there and flinch the entire time the people are moshing are the people I’ll push in the pit. They realllllly piss me off.

The only problem I’ve ever really had with a pit was when Lamb of God started a wall of death at a concert a few years ago. I slipped in the mud and got run over by just about everyone.

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im so jealous you saw ssp i love love love them. as far as mosh pits i used to go with a big guy that woulnt let anybody get near enough to elbow me.

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Yup. The last time was at a Regurgitator show at the Metro in Sydney.

Huh. I don’t think I’ve been to a show with a real mosh pit in years. Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear don’t exactly make mosh-friendly music.

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@aprilsimnel Silversun Pickups don’t either. It was just from the remnants of Against Me.

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I’m not stupid.

I’d get in the pit with some of my husband’s old-school friends – the ones that know how to pit.

I will be staying far away from the jackass kids that think pitting is about pushing each other around and being a douche. In its purest form, a mosh pit is a lot of people dancing in very close quarters to some heavy music. People are supposed to help each other, and collectively take out the idiots trying to hurt people. Not the other way around.

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Lots. When I wore them, I got the glasses kicked off my face. Luckily returned in one piece. I avoid them now because my boobs are so tender. True story. Also, I’m drunk.

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