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My teeth second and third from the back have pain in between them?

Asked by meandzeddie (11points) July 2nd, 2010 from iPhone

In between the teeth 2nd and 3rd from the back teeth are sorta painful. It kinda feels like it’s the gum but at the same time if I chew something on that side it’s painful so It might be one of those teeth. Whats wrong with it? If it’s a cavity how will the dentist react to it. I mean what will they do to me? Is this normal? Is it a cavity? Tooth ache? I’m only 13 and O haven’t lost all my teeth. I have 4 more to loose and one of the teeth I’m talking about is a baby tooth and one is a fully grown one.

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Let’s see… Open wide… ahhh… there’s the problem.

Come on.. this one is for the Dentist!

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You can get cavities in the sides of your teeth. I just had a large one filled (as well as a root canal). Get it seen to before it gets worse. Welcome to Fluther!

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If your permanent teeth hurt it could be more of a problem than if your “baby” teeth hurt. That’s good to be concerned about something as important as this, decent teeth is so important.

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Have you tried flossing between the teeth in that area? You have have something stuck between two teeth. If that does not solve the problem, see the dentist. Dental care does not hurt and it is not scary. Just do it!

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Don’t worry about it but tell your parents and get an appointment to see your dentsist. It may be the new tooth is beginning to erupt below the baby tooth and is pushing everything together a bit.

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@meandzeddie It could be a cavity. But you’re lucky. It sounds like it’s not in a permanent tooth. If it’s your permanent tooth coming in, you don’t want your grown-up teeth coming in and pushing things around, making it all crooked, so the dentist will need to have a look. They take an Xray of your teeth. It looks REALLY cool.

Dentists are brilliant these days. Don’t be nervous. OK? Tell your folks. It really is best to get these things dealt with.

Welcome to Flutther!

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If they do have to do a filling, it doesn’t hurt. The dentist rubs this stuff on your gums that’s flavored, which numbs your gums a bit, and then gives you an injection that feels like a little pinch. After that, you feel nothing in that area as he works on it.

Do try the flossing bit first. Sometimes you can bits of meat stuck between your teeth and it hurts like heck.

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Dentists are really good with stuff like this.

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just go and quit worrying. sounds like the baby tooth is getting ready to come out. that can make it sore. but go youll be fine.

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