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If you could give a memory what memory would it be? (To anyone)

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 3rd, 2010

I was just wondering since most people have either good or bad memories so.. Just thinking. (the thing is you can’t give bad memories only the good ones) I would give the one when I got my DSi (I wouldn’t give away the memories with my Amber EVER!) What about you?

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Would I lose the memory when I give it to the other person or do they just get to experience it like it happened to them? If I was going to lose the memory, I wouldn’t give any away. If not, I’d give any of the joyful memories were I felt happy and loved to everyone I could. If I had to pick just one, I’d go with watching my son have a game winning save at his soccer game the other day. I was so happy for him and he was so excited to have blocked the ball and not let the other team tie the score. It was a great game and their first win of the season.

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I’d love to get one from someone else. I can’t remember squat about my childhood. If I could give away a good one, it’d be of when I got the news that I’d been let into the Pharmacy Tech program. I’d waited a year for it and a couple weeks prior I had gotten a letter that I wasn’t going to get into the Fall cohort. One of the best surprises I’d ever gotten.

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What a fabulous question!! I love it!!

If I was allowed (which I know I am not…but still) I would probably give the memories of abuse to the people that caused me all the pain so that they might understand and change their ways.

But!! I would most certainly give my son all the memories I have of him growing up and all the happiness that he has brought to my life, so that he could understand how limitlessly he is loved.

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I would give my memory of the stars. There used to be a lot of stars, nowadays they’re harder to find. I’ve seen falling stars, slowly rotating stars, skies so full of stars that it made me gasp.

You can have those.

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I would give the memory of having a loving parent holding you to anyone who didn’t.

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Childbirth or running free like an Olympian.

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Nightmarish memories!(I consider it as good and valuable memory myself). I would love to see their reaction while they’re experiencing this breath-taking vision.

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The joy of awakening to ones true self.

So many never find this truth or the peace that comes with it.

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I would give each of my children the joyful memories I had of them, and let them see themselves through my eyes. If I would lose these memories, I would only give them on my deathbed.

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My Mom’s words to me when she dying in a hospital bed:

“You’re strong like steel”. “My baby girl, you will always be my baby girl…” “How could I leave all of this?” (she was looking at her four kids).

To me: You are a dancer and a dreamer. You have a zest for life. You have one of the biggest hearts of anyone that I know. You’re a smart girl and will find your way through life just fine”...

I’ll never forget those words.

(Mama knows you best)

Me: I love you so much, Mom.

Mom: I love you so much.

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The memory of an orgasem. Played over, and over and over again.

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@jjmah You got a real gift from your Mom! My Dad told me twice in his last six months, “You do everything so well.” That was one of his last gifts to me.

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@ChazMaz There was a movie about that once. Some sort of futuristic thing that plays that over and over. The guy DIED!!! And if you post a Q on that I will not look at it!

I ask what @Seaofclouds asks. Would I lose that memory? That would put a whole different spin on it.

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@jjmah Ah…I just read your post. Oh God….

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@Val123 – Yep. Brainstorm. I love that movie.

Last movie Natalie Wood was in.

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Also, he did not die. It revitalized him. He quit his job to enjoy life.

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Well, it LOOKED like he was gonna die! Didn’t look fun at all!

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