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What do you believe the moniker for users here should be?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) July 3rd, 2010

Seeing members of Fluther referred to by a few monikers which do you think is closest or should be the most used or official term, Flurerites, Flutheronians, Flutherese, Flutherphiles, Flutherans, Flutherdites, or Jellies?

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Jelly or Jellies.

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I use “Flutherites” when I’m talking to people who don’t use the site; it makes it easier for them to figure out wtf I’m on about. And I use “Jellies” when I’m talking to fellow jellies.

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I say “Fluther user” or “Flutherer”. That does not flow as easily as “Jelly” but, is understandable to muggles.

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did miss something?...What’s a moniker??? Have we had a new influx whilst I’ve been dormant?

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I mostly use Flutherites.

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@MacBean and @worriedguy: you make a good point about addressing non-jellies.

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Fluther friend or jelly.

See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Flutherites or Jellies.

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I use a variety of terms and agree with adjusting it to the reader. The one I struggle with is OP (which I presume is “other person”) when referencing the questioner. Or maybe I am wrong on that—it always confuses me . . .

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I have used Flutherites, Flutherers and Jelly or Jellies. I like the first and the last.

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Dude or Steve

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@Kayak8 Original Poster – the one who first posted the question.

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I rarely nickname other user that way. I prefer to call them “Jello”,another version of “Jelly”. It just sounds good to me.

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I like Jellies.

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I suppose squiddlies is a bit too far removed….

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@lynneblundell especially if the jelly is a Marine!

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“Jelly” works well, at least on-site.

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I tend to use “Flutherites” or “Jellies” when talking about or to users.

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The “official” term is Fluterite(s), and the most common affectionate nickname is Jelly or Jellies.

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@augustlan Are you a Cockney or did you just drop the “h” by mistake?

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@janbb Crap, crap, crap. Too late to edit, too! * Flutherite. <facepalm>

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@augustlan Sounds just like the that Portuguese girl pronounced ‘Fluther” on another thread here

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@augustlan ooops

stolen from another answer I just saw

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A single member of Fluther is a jellyfish.
One would not call a single crow a murderite.

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@breedmitch Well, now I might.

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@augustlan- Who you tryin’ to kid? It’s never too late to edit if you’re a mod or community manager.

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@AstroChuck You know, I did consider doing an internal edit for myself, but thought it would be unfair. ;)

BTW, other mods can’t do an internal edit. Just me and the Gods founders.

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I just say users mostly. Jellies sounds lame, and Flutherites sounds all like, too Matrix-y.

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