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How would look a world of dreamers?

Asked by Christian95 (3258points) July 3rd, 2010

In today’s world we learn at school how to respect some boundaries established by others.We learn that the world has some very rigid rules that can’t be changed and that there are limits and we can’t do what we want or what we dream.For example the office workers:they are just some robots who follow the economic background made by others and they do it without any questions.
But the world is how it is because of the dreamers who broke rules and boundaries.
So why don’t we teach on a large scale how to dream and not how to follow.
How do you imagine a world of dreamers?

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I could be facetious and say, “Dreamy!” I certainly would like to say it would be a great place to live in, but I figure the powers that be, namely the corporations who control us, would stamp them out very quickly and have them declared mentally unsound, coupled with a campaign aimed at stopping all future thought of such Utopia.

But if I’m wrong, which would be nice, we might even find a chance to see some return to a quality life irrespective of socio/economic background, or racial/national background, etc.

That would be nice, wouldn’t it!

Imagine being able to take young kids to play without broken glass in public places, for example.

Or being able to leave doors unlocked. I cannot imagine a world of dreamers having criminals in it, can you?

Are these your thoughts?

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I’m a dreamer and was lucky to work in a department whose mission statement was, “Enhancing Lives Through Innovative Learning Experiences”.

Seeing the ideas come to fruition is a whole other matter. It takes a lot of people with different skills and perspectives in order to make them work.

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We would have a world full of all bosses and no workers. All employers and no employees. How does that old saying go “too many chiefs and not enough indians”. There would be alot more artists, musicians and inventors as well. Big corporations would disappear and be replaced by all small businesses or self-employed individuals. This would be a dream world, a dream come true for many indeed but at the same time a nightmare for many others.

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A world of dreamers would never accomplish anything, nothing would ever get done. We need the dreamers AND the doers!

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Criminals wouldn’t go away in a world of dreamers because somewhere, someone is going to dream of having everything they want without having to work for it or pay for it. They are going to dream up an entitlement to all things, theirs or not.

I don’t think we can actually teach people how to dream. It is something you simple do or don’t do.

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Division of labor, for the win.

A society composed entirely of dreamers wouldn’t function just like a society composed of non-dreamer drones or whatever you want to call them wouldn’t function either.

Dreamers need “drones” (and I’m slow to use that word because it is rather derogatory and elitist) to build and maintain all of the technical structures and parts of society that allow dreamers to function, and “drones” need dreamers to innovate and prevent life from being dull. It’s a symbiosis that shouldn’t ever really tip to either side of the scale.

Think about it. If everyone is in a park nodding off while thinking about all the myriad ways you can make a sculpture out of a thousand discarded lightbulbs, who is there to maintain the park and put together the lightbulbs on an assembly line in the first place?

It really does “take all kinds to make the world go ‘round.”

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The answers already are true in my book. It takes both dreamers and the steadfast workers. Both are valuable to the world. I do not see the workers as rigid and mindless as you do. But your question works.

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Dreamers are like engineers. They dream up ideas and plans and others he hires do the work to bring his ideas about! eric in Lux

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One true dreamer can change the world as long as he get’s his information from Heaven!

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Dreamers are pioneers who work hard with their minds and hearts and not their brawn! Yet both are needed and can learn from each other in greatest of respect/

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Let’s not confuse Dreamers with Visionaries.

Dreamers often turn into complainers, offering nothing more than the What If scenario to answer the struggles of society, becoming bitter old litigants when their dreams never manifest into reality. Or even worse, they’ll dream their dreams in a purely egotistical and ideological manner on a very personal level, as their shortsightedness often rejects the way of the status quo, heritage, and the why of the way things currently are.

Visionaries think outside of themselves for the betterment of all, putting a great deal of insightful consideration into how culture actually reached its current state of affairs, and with great respect, offer a planned and calculated guidance for future options and opportunities.

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I regret to say dreamers to me are visionaries and often have very little confidence in themselves thus needing a rich benefactor and sexy wife or secretary which ever works out:

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The rule of thumb I go by is: the more I think I know the more I don’t know!

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There is a distinct difference between Dreamer and Visionary.

That’s why I said, “Let’s not confuse…”, as I find that most people do.

A Dreamer is preoccupied by “fantasy and unrealistic plans”.

A Visionary is “characterized by unusually acute foresight and imagination”.

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In my elementary school years, both concepts were taught.

But you are talking about teaching the concept of visionary dreaming / change agent type stuff on a mass scale.

But we need all types of people. Not just visionaries. We need automotons. We need regular workers. And hopefully we can find people who are happy at being such.

Now, I do agree that Office Culture is way too large. It might be a byproduct of an economy based on infinite expansion.

And so I think your basic idea should still be instituted. We do steer too many people towards mainstream education and mainstream jobs.

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