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Your Personal Board of Directors?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (26698points) July 3rd, 2010

Companies create a board of directors. And if you think about it, each individual has their own personal board. If you were to draw or imagine a board table, who influences you and is sitting there?

* Family members?
* Friends?
* Clergy, lawyer, account, doctor, teacher, supervisor?
* Anyone who has passed away?
* Is there someone who used to be on your board that no longer is?

And most importantly, do all of your board members know that they have a seat there?

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Hmm, let’s see. I have my husband, my mom, my son, my best friend, my first nurse preceptor, one of my nursing instructors, my grandfather (that passed away 10 years ago), and my aunt (that passed away about 16 years ago).

A few of them know they have a seat there (my husband, my mom, my best friend), but the others do not know it.

My dad was on it at one point, but is not anymore and most likely will never be again.

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I am my own board of directors.

Sorta like a one horse town..I am the sheriff, deputy, judge, undertaker, blacksmith, saloon keeper and postmaster of my own little town of life. lol

I rarely ask for advice….guess I have reached that time of life where I DO know it all. haha

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I want to be queen, like coloma.

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@jazmina88 @jazmina88


Well…give it 35 years or’ll happen!

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Wife, best friend, other best friend, several partners in crime.

Now if only I could get them all in a room at the same time without them being all weirded out.

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Me myself and I.

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