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True Blood Fans: is the current season of True Blood as good as the previous seasons were, in your opinion?

Asked by jca (36002points) July 3rd, 2010

I am a True Blood fan, but due to trying to reduce my bills, i no longer have HBO. I have not seen the current season and i know if i ordered HBO i could see re-runs, because they show them all the time. i know i could also see it on the internet. Before i bother doing either option, i want to know your opinion: is the current season of True Blood as good as the previous seasons, in your opinion? or should i not bother?

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I didn’t know that the new season is out already. But if it’s true, I think True Blood is getting better by every episode…

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Ahhhh I hate not having HBO. But I just recently finished the latest sookie stackhouse book. & it was really good. =) but from what I hear I’d have to agree with @Otto_King.

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It’s definitely still great. I’m getting ready to cancel my HBO, too, and I will hate not being able to watch True Blood as each episode airs. :(

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I thought season 1 was far better than season 2. Season 3 the 3 episodes that have aired seems to be a lot better than 2 also. I am a big fan of the Chrarlaine Harris novels, and I really liked how the first season followed book one so closely. But it’s kind of nice to have a little bit different story line on the tv show.

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Loving it. This season seems darker, like so much is at stake. Plus, more Eric, which is a big bonus.

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@tinyfaery Yes. They could never go wrong with more Eric! <insert wolf whistle> Do you agree it’s better than last season?

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Yes, but I have been hooked since the beginning I might not have an objective opinion.

Oh, gawd. I haven’t felt those feeling for a male in years. Wowzers!

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@tinyfaery I have been too. I’ve watched it since the premiere and I love it! Then I watched a HBO First Look and found out about the books and fell in love there too.

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