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Why do I keep biting the same spot on my lip accidentally, and what do I do to make it better now, and keep it from happening in the future?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10206points) July 3rd, 2010

Chomping on some salad, and some of my lip got in there somehow. Same spot as normal. I have scar tissue in my lip from an accident in that spot. it is just like a small loose knot. I suspect this plays a role.

Anyway, I also probably do not take enough care especially if I am rather peckish.

Now that I have once again bitten my pitiful lip, I suspect it will soon become ulcerated during its healing, which is much worse then the actual biting of the lip.

Woe is me…

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It happens! You bite, it swells, you bite it again…Boo! Try an ibuprofen to help with the swelling and just be careful.

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Your jaw or teeth are out of line. Dentists can realign you bite.

Have same problem. eric in Lux.

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try Peroxyl mouth wash to help it heal faster… shit is amazing!!

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Some of you will find this post MAD, I take the risk…
I am holistic therapist, a part of my work is to put together the coincidences of life, incidents and connect them to the process the person is going through. also, I expert on the understanding of what is called the body-soul conncetion, that means the correlation between body organs and the mental activity, or emotional activity they are related to.

you already have this notion that “something is going on” so I share this with you:
“biting my lips” is also an expression in most languages, no? it means not speaking out on a subject that is of importance to me. To stop myself from saying something I believe I shouldn’t say, I have to “bite my lips”. Do you tend to bite your lips?
If so, than yor body is signaling you, that you are doign it when you shouldn’t be.

For the wound, by the way, you can apply a sage leaf, it is great for infections of this sort, just paste a small tear of it with you saliva to the lip for a few hours and it will get better.

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i do do some proverbial lip biting that maybe I ought not, but I cannot comprehend how anyone might draw the logical conclusion that my actual physical biting of my lip correlates somehow.

I guess those of us who have a severe problem with sharing probably bite their tongues…

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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I think you read my reply in the worst way possible.

Really, I am curious. What makes you think that there could be a correlation?

If that post felt like a taunt, I apologize.

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Oh my, wel it seems I did misinterpret your response…. My bad…and my deep apologies!
I guess i am not on my good side today…

So without further a do: The Holistic philosophy sees everything that we experience as a manifestation of our self. In other words: This is our movie, and we are the only ones screening it. Being so, everything that we experience is a projection of ours. It is quite similar to the phylosophy of Carl Yung, who saw every part of one’s dream to reflect a part of the self, only that reality is the dream in this case.

Another way to explain this complex concept is to say that we are composed of a physical realm, an emotional realm, and an energetic realm, and the three don’t influence one another, as usually refered to, but are the same, in diffrent density states. In the same way that ice, water and steam are all H2O.

So you have chosen, unconciously, to project lip-biting. It is a fact that intuitively, you felt there must be some reason to this strange pheonomenon.Your body is lip-biting. If so, your
emotional realm also is. What is lip-biting in the density phase of the emotional realm?
The lips are the last gateway for exerting words out of our mouth. this part of the body, you have unconciously chosen to harm, or close forcefully.

Take a minuete and answer this: Is it true, that in your current situation, in your life, there are some things you have decided not to express, despite them being very meaningful to you?

I would love to further explain if you need so :) My apologies, again.

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Don’t mention it, it makes much more sense to me now.

I agree of course that the profile fits. I definitely stifle somethings very meaningful.

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That’s great actually, because :
1. You now know, that this stifling is off balance – some of the things should be said, otherwise, you would not have witnessed the imbalance. It’s you who knows deep inside which.
2. You have recieved a great gift! By having this experience, you now know that everyday incidents of all sorts always imply something that is internal. Welcome to the wonderful world of answers! you now have access to much more information about your life, and controll over it too.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about the possible interpretation of incidents you experience :)

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