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What is an appropriate gift for a groomsman to give the wedding couple?

Asked by Les (9607points) July 3rd, 2010

We are talking gift card here…
How much (if anything) should a groomsman give to the couple? The groomsman in question bought plane tickets, rented tux, and all that jazz.

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You could get them a GC for $50 to a place like Bed, Bath and Beyond, or Barnes & Noble. Or what’s on their registry that you can afford? Sorted. As long as it’s not a joke gift, you’ll be OK.

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That is basically what I thought… thanks!

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If you aren’t sure what to get them now, I believe the rule of thumb on wedding gifts, is that you have up to a year to buy them something & have it still be considered a wedding gift. So maybe you could wait a bit & find out later what some of the things they need are, after they have settled in. Getting them something they need, vs something they want- makes a huge difference in the thoughtfulness of the gift. Either way, congrats to the happy couple!

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Perhaps you and another groomsman (or all of them) could pitch in and get one thing together.

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I’m not the groomsman…I’m a lady. ;-)

My mom and I were having this discussion… we weren’t sure what the “etiquette” was, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter. The couple is very laid back and will be grateful for anything. Besides, the groomsman is the groom’s first cousin. Thanks for all the advice, though! I appreciate it.

Oh, and it will be a gift card. That way, they can get whatever they want.

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His and her hunting rifles. :-)

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