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What should we name our new kitty?

Asked by Facade (22899points) July 3rd, 2010

We just brought our new kitty home!

What’s a good, and maybe slightly unusual, boy kitty name?

Even if he won’t come out of the carrier, I’m so excited!

Here’s a photo

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Good idea

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what a pretty little munschkinnn!

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I tend to name animals after literature I admire.

My cat’s name is “Ulthar”, named for an H.P. Lovecraft story. She has three kittens, who will eventually be named Kadath, Sarnath, and… something else Lovecraft related. Maybe Shub-Niggurath or Shoggoth.

My dog’s named “Hoss”, after the character on Bonanza. The dog we used to have was “Bub”, after the zombie in the movie “Day of the Dead”

Oh! My suggestion to you is “Sir Swiggles”, as when my cat had her kittens, a friend of mine demanded I name one “Sir Swiggles”. This wouldn’t fit with our Lovecraft-themed cats, so I hereby pass the order on to you. ^_^

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He looks cute, @Facade, enjoy his company!

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Sweet William

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He looks like an Oscar to me.

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Spot. Killer. Butch.

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How about Timmy (short for Timid).

He’s adorable. I’m sure he’ll wander out once his curiosity gets the better of him.

Maybe just give him one room at a time to conquer in this strange new world in which he finds himself :)

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Jaws or Claws.

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@Buttonstc One of the ladies with the adoption organization told me that he’s timid at first, then he loves to run around lol! He’s napping now =)

Great names you guys! Keep ‘em comin’. I have to run the all by my other half. He wants “Cocksworthy” to be integrated in the kitty’s name somehow lol

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I love your lurve. Just sayin’.

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OK. We need a picture and some idea of his/her personality! Won’t come out of the carrier? Call him….Fraidy Cat!

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“Sir Cocksworthy Swiggles IV”

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The picture is in @Facade ‘s details now.

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Awwww! How about “Shyly”? Shy for short.

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@Val123 He keeps waking up, looking at me, and then going back to sleep
@Seek_Kolinahr Ha! He’d love that

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@rebbel – Ha! Yeah.

L.L. Cool K

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Man doo.
get it?

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Olivander? Olive for short.

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@Facade… Put butter on his paws. When he gets done licking it off, he’ll be ready to explore….Put a little on his back, too.

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Olive (I’ll live)

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Milo, jr. He’s got the right coloration, if I am seeing correctly. Love, Milo

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Bob. As in Bob-cat? Get it?


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He’s so sweet looking! His markings immediately reminded me of a puzzle. Jigsaw? Peace (for piece)? I also like a lot of the names already suggested, particularly Duncan. Sir Duncan Cocksworthy.

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@Facade I had a cat named Duncan and he was the sweetest, best cat I ever owned. It would be a good charm if you named him Duncan. :)

I also kind of like Sweet William Cocksworthy.

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or Kamineko.

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Cocksworthy doodledoo

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Titty. Then you can yell outside, “Here Titty Titty Titty!” Just tell the neighbors you have a lisp.

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Joplin or Django

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Lord Cocksworthy Fotheringay Bangs.

But of course, because it’s “English”, those first two are pronounced “Cosy Fingy”.

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He’s out! And relaxing next to me as I type =) And he’s not really afraid of my SO anymore lol.

Also, I think we’ve settled on Duncan Olivander Coxsworthy (SO corrected me on the spelling lol. my bad

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I’m partial to Duncan, I think it suits him nicely! I was also going to suggest the name Oliver, but I’m a fan of Olivander as well.

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Walter. Yes…Walter.

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@mangeons Oliver was my first choice before we actually got him.

He sure is a vocal little guy! Always meowing =)

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Aw! I miss hearing a kitteh meow! :(

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Maahes, the lion-headed Egyptian god of war and son of Bast.

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@Facade How’s the kitten doing today? Did you stick with Duncan for his name?

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@knitfroggy Last night he cried and cried until I let him sleep next to me in bed. I don’t think he left all night. Today he’s doing fine. He always cries whenever I leave the room. I’ll probably be posting tons of threads to make sure my SO and I are doing everything right lol

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@Facade If you want him to sleep with you at night when he gets bigger, letting him snuggle with you now is a good start! He will stop crying in a couple days and be just fine.

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The best tip to training cats is to never let a kitten do what you would not let your adult cat do. The cat’s already training you to do what he wants when he meows. If you keep that up, you will have a noisy, bratty cat that will meow loud, for a long time until he gets what he wants.

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@tinyfaery So should we just keep him out of the room at night? We want him to sleep in his little bed, but I don’t think he understands what it’s for.

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If you don’t want him sleeping in your room or bed you have to start training now. The kitten is unsure at the moment. One trick is to tire the kitty out with a good play session right before bed. Wait till he is sleeping and then go to bed. He might wake-up in the night. Just reassure him, give him a toy and go back to bed. You might have to deal with meowing for a few minutes, hours, days. He will learn.

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Percy. Obviously.

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We want him to sleep in his little bed, Even I, the neophyte, had to laugh really hard at that.

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Rub a little catnip into his bed so that he learns to associate it with pleasant sensations.

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Muschi or Minka.

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@PandoraBoxx You messed up @Val123‘s joke by editing! You had “Joplin” and she said “Mo,” (that’s the joke, get it??!!) but then you added “Django” which is NOT found in Missouri! I don’t think. Anyway, her joke’s all screwed up and she won’t stop WHINING! Lord that woman is annoying!

So..update? Cat out of the bag crate?

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