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Is it unusual that I have zero interest in lying on the beach and soaking up the rays? Tanning on the beach, that is?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 3rd, 2010

I live alone Lake Huron and right now, there are a ton of people bronzing their bods on the beach. I’m fair and tend to burn at first, then, I tan. But, still, the idea of sunning on the beach (even for ½ hour) does nothing for me at all.

Am I alone in this?

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I don’t like it either. I get enough sun by just running errands =)
Hi Jen!

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Hi Lizzie! <muah>

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nope!! i can’t ever manage to sit still… but i’ll go to the beach and play (sports, in the water, bbq, drink, etc…)

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Nope, you aren’t allow. I can’t stand the idea of just laying their sunbathing. I always say that I just can’t sit still long enough, even if I try to read a book. I also don’t like being out in the heat for long.

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I swear I am allergic to the sun. The second I step into sunlight, I sneeze as if the wind carries fresh ground pepper. Also, I’m Irish, fair skinned & burn like hell in the sun. I enjoy the indoors- with AC & television & no bugs. :)

Just wait…us fair skinned folk, our time will come. While everyone else is tanning their skin & looking ‘youthful’ with hints of melanoma. In 30 years, we will come out on top. We may be 50,60,70 years old, but our appearances say we are fresh outta high school. That day of reckoning will come… I know it will. right?

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Prolly because you have a hang over and just want to stay in bed with the blinds closed! Glad you’re still with us and didn’t tippie canoe!

I don’t like it either. Totally BORING! I don’t like gym workouts either. I’d rather get some sun by playing hard outside in it.

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Nope, I’m the same. I get bored within half an hour. If I’m out in the sun I have to be doing something, even if it’s only swimming or walking. I can’t sit/lie still and do nothing. ADHD much? Probably.

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@downtide Or just energetic. Like me.

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They’re greatly increasing their chances of cancer, so I wouldn’t feel a great need to join them. Especially if you’re fair-skinned.

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It is really boring. I’m with you.

I like to do it occasionally if I’m in the mood to do it, and I need a relaxing activity. But I couldn’t do it all the time. It’s just BORING.

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I have never understood the mindset of people who just lie on the beach. I can’t do it. I want to walk along the shore or be out in a boat or doing something.

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I’m the same way. I don’t tan, just turn red then fade to pale again. The only way I can sit idle anywhere is reading a book or fluthering.

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No, it’s not unusual.

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No, I’m with you on this. I like to sit in the shade, especially with a book, but no sun bathing.

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I love sitting or laying in the sun, but most of that comes from living in Portland, where it literally rains 9 months of the year – actually, it was 10 months, this year. :(

That said, I’d rather be doing something while it’s sunny, like walking along the beach or swimming.

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Not unusual to me, I’ve avoided sunbathing since my teen years. Sunbathing means zapped energy, burnt peely skin, early wrinkling, brown spots and melanomas.

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Well, it’s fun if you’re with other people and you’re talking to them. I probably wouldn’t want to do it for too long; I’d like to go in the water as well.

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I can only sunbathe if I put on super heavy duty sunscreen first, which kind of defeats the purpose. I also need a book to read. I couldn’t just lay there doing nothing.

When I go the beach, I always have my kids with me. I take a beach chair, umbrella, and book. I’ll read for a while, play with the kids for a while, read a bit more, play a bit more. They are all getting to that age now where they’d rather play with other kids than be entertained by me, so I do more reading now than playing. And the water is too cold and full of jellies (the stinging ones) for me to feel comfortable swimming, but I do like to cool my feet and do a bit of wading.

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No you are not alone. I enjoy going to the beach and swimming but I do not think that I could just lay in the sun. It seems boring and I feel that I would sweat too much laying in the sun. Which is why the only time I am really interested in the sun is if I am swimming.

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No, you are not alone. I am fair skinned and like being fair skinned. I don’t enjoy basking in sun, and my skin will thank me for it.

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Unusual? No. It’s boring, and one of the least comfortable places to read a book. If I wanted oil and grease on my book, while burning from the heat and sand in my butt, I’d read in a greasy diner’s kitchen, with sand in my butt.

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Who the hell wants to lie baking in the sun without a hint of shade in sight? Even if you dunk yourself in the ocean/sea/lake/body-of-water and come out beaded with water and slightly chilled, there is still the relentless sun. And I am fair-skinned.

O for me the dappled shade and the temperate clime!

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Nah! You are not alone…I can’t sit still long enough to get sunburned let alone tanned.

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weirdo I’d love to lay on a beach doing nothing. lol

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Maybe it depends on the beach. Even on a sweltering, muggy day, the beach here is quite pleasant. The shade from my umbrella and the breeze off the water keeps me comfortable. Last week we had some horribly humid and hot days, which made being in our shady yard intolerable. The beach, on the other hand, was lovely. I could have sat there with a book all day.

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Think of all the vitamin D you body will enjoy. But 10 minutes of sunshine are more than enough. Think of all the serotonin your brain will produce. But you can also walk around when the sun shines.

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