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Is there a cydia package to allow my ipod to charge on all chargers?

Asked by XOIIO (18251points) July 3rd, 2010

I’ve gotten the “Charging is not supported on this accesory” message a few times. I know that video and audio out connectors have an apple authentication chip and there is a package to let all mof them work, so is there one for chargers?

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Not sure I understand your problem, but I just bought (hasn’t arrived yet), a Griffin Charge Convertor for my iPod. But I will be using it with my Griffin sound system. Shop around for whats called an iPod/iPhone charge convertor. It sits on top of the existing dock, and allows newer model devices to charge through the dock. Hopefully this helps.

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@rpmpseudonym Yeah, I’ve heard of those, I was just wondering if anyone had heard of a cydia package that would work.

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Pins 18, 19, 20, and 23 are probably not wired in the accessory. I could see them doing it so they don’t have to step-down the power in the accessory. Pin 23 is USB power and would need to be dropped to 5 VDC. While not a hard thing to do I could see companies doing it to save the 50 cents. You could always take a multimeter to the accessory and see if it is outputting voltage on those pins. 19 and 20 should be outputting 12 VDC.

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Ah. That seems to make sense.

Although one time it made the chime sound and started charging, then cut out and popped up the messgae.

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