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Why are women such great liars?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Recent survey said women are world class fibbers

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Because men are so gullible.

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Most are better liars because those women have no soul.

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I have no idea how to answer this question since I am a female and I am also the worst liar on the planet. My face reads like a book.

Then again, maybe I’m lying.

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It is that Xtra X chromosome! Brownlemur nailed it, men are stupid! Including myself!

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not true. Each of us is responsible for our lies and truths…. Not gender specific

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@DJM – balls! Women lie out of their arses all of the time because they are all selfish evil creatures!

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we are not evil. We just know how to get what we want =) If that makes us evil to men then its only because they can’t do the same

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@allen_o: and men lie all the time because we are all selfish evil creatures too.

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haha, too true

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but men always get caught lying. While women don’t which makes us smarter hehe

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women are such great liars its not because we’re smarter than men or whatever…men are just gullable especially to ones that are attractive..womens dont tend to lie they just dont tell you the truth exactly..more like we twist stories around to make people believe them..its so on with mens.but when you stare into someones eyes to look for an answer, then you can tell if shes lying or humans eye can never lie

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This thread makes me sad.

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