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Anyone have experience with over-the-counter tooth-whitening products?

Asked by sfgal (280points) July 3rd, 2010

I am considering using an over-the-counter tooth-whitening product. I usually try to use all-natural products, and avoid toxic ingredients. I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an easy, inexpensive, safe method of whitening teeth. I asked my dentist if the over-the-counter products at the drugstore were natural and she said no problem – but then again, her practice is always trying to convince me to get x-rays every single visit – so I’m not sure we are on the same page when it comes to what is natural/healthy. Thoughts?

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I don’t know of any natural products that work (not saying they aren’t out there, I’m just not aware of them.)

I’ve used Crest white-strips for 8 years off and on and I’ve never had any trouble with my teeth.

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I tried to use a couple of different whitening strips and just couldn’t be bothered. Plus I didn’t like the way they felt in my mouth. And whitening toothpastes can cause fairly painful and uncomfortable tooth sensitivity. But bottom line? Listen to your dentist and also, while your at it, ask her why she feels it necessary for you to have x-rays every time you visit. That doesn’t sound right. My dentist has me on an x-ray schedule but it is certainly not every time.

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I’ve had better luck rinsing/brushing with a 50/50 mix of peroxide and water than with any toothpaste or expensive whitening product. It’s cheap, non-toxic (don’t drink it tho) and you can see results on the first day. Also recommended by the ADA for good mouth health!

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I second Crest strips. They work and they are simple to use, follow the directions.

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My friends grandmother used to rub the inside of orange or clementine peels on her teeth and said it worked. It may be just an “old wives tale” but who knows.

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Crest White strips are the best and i have tried it all :D

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