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Are international students who live in the US allowed to make money on ebay?

Asked by syriansteve (41points) July 4th, 2010

I’m an international student in the US, been there for three years. I was thinking why not make some cash while my stay in the US. I know for sure that working in the US without a permit is illegal. But I’m not quiet certain if making deal online such as ebay is legal. Any other ideas on how to make money other than ebay are appreciated .

Thank you. Please no stupid answers. Best answer will be given five stars.

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You may find this article helpful.

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Some of my daughter’s friends who are international students work at the university, but there is a limit with regards to hours. This blog thread contains helpful information.

You might be able to pick up extra money on the side tutoring, both in subjects or in language practice. I would be leery of anything that has the ability to keep tabs on your business transactional activities.

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Selling your stuff on Ebay is not a job…....
@marinelife article states make something from your home and sell it on ebay.
That sounds terrific.

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If selling on eBay is illegal, having yard sales would probably also be illegal. Like @jazmina88 says, eBay is not a job (although it might be if you have a fully stocked online store there), so if you’re just selling stuff you made or unwanted possessions it should be fine.

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