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Senses census, which sense will you give up?

Asked by SmashTheState (12817points) July 4th, 2010

If you had to lose one of the following, permanently, which would you choose:

Your sense of vision.

Your sense of balance.

Your sense of humour.

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Balance. The other two are way too precious & invaluable. Anyway it’d be just like being permanently drunk.Whoo Hoo!!

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balance for sure. I hate to not laugh the most! Seeing stuff is nice and that would be unfun to lose too!.

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Yup…balance. It’s already pretty bad from pure clumsiness. (You should see the giant black and purple goose egg that’s on my shin right now.) At least then, I’d have a good excuse.

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Balance. Mine’s not very good to begin with.

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vision. Vertigo sucks, it’s very hard to adjust to not finding your balance and can make your life a living hell. My humour is too much a part of me to want to let go and how I get through life

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In what sense? Do you mean sense of balance intellectually or physically? I would hate to lose it either way. I have had labyrinthitus and it was horrible so if losing my physical sense of balance would entail dizziness, I wouldn’t want that. I’ve lost my sense of balance politically but I think that may have been the right thing to do.

My sense of humor is integral to who I am; I can’t imagine losing it. And while I can imagine being able to cope with being congenitally blind, I would hate to lose my eyesight at this point.

So I guess I’m not prepared to play this game!

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I don’t really understand what you means with ‘Balance’. Could it be the way we control all of our senses to equally normal state?,or it could be the way we physically balance our body structure?

Whatever,if I must lose one sense then I will give my sense of humor without any hesitation. Without that I can still survive as a human being. Just since when animals like us can’t survive without humor?(in my opinion).

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Sense of humor, I do to much stuff outdoors so I need my balance and vision. I would hate to lose any of them but if I had to I’d sacrifice humor.

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It’s a good idea to search the archives before you post a question. We have had an endless series of “which sense” questions.

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Not balance. i have seen what vertigo has done to my mother. its not funny being dizzy all the time. not vision. i have to drive my car. so, i gues my sense of humor would have to suffer. not really, its in my genes and i laugh too much.

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Smell. All the others are too important. Especially balance.

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I value my senses too much, sorry I can’t play.

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