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Best DSLR under $1000?

Asked by elman25 (159points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone
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Nikon d80. Pretty much is a d200 just a little slower. What brand do you prefer ?

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Nikon D40 up to the D80

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For value/quality/optics, I think your best bet is the Pentax K100d Super or K10d. But Nikons aren’t bad either.

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One of the main reasons i went Nikon was the quality of product and the fact that i got 3 years warrenty for only $50 AUS

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how’s canon vs nikon ?

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If you’re unsure, it’s really worth going to a local store, and playing with the ergonomics. They both are excellent cameras—you should get the one which feels best in your hand (even if you order it online).

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thanks for the help

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Sorry,I can’t answer this question because I’m only Thirteen & I don’t know what the HECK is a DSLR.
Thank you for understanding(:

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