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How do you get a wolf's attention?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 4th, 2010

How do you get a wolf’s attention? I LOVE wolves and stuff (there are no wolves living by me only Coyotes)...But how would I ever get the wolf to come near me? would I treat it like a dog (that wouldn’t sound to good to me. Making kissy noises at it to come here) if it there was ever a wolf in peril if I were to help it would it ever accept me? I’m only asking this since I was curious of knowing. I’m willing to take the chance.

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Wolf Whistle!

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Throw a deer carcass at it, if you happen to be carrying one with you.

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I wouldn’t be fearful of coming in contact with one…but, I’d be damn careful.

You probably don’t want to be more than a ‘food source’...namely, ‘the food’.

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Smell like lunch. Works ever time.

Wolves in packs are apex predators in their native realm. The only animal they would be slow to challenge when they are really hungry is a grizzly bear. A pack, if pushed, may even take on a mountain lion or badger. While I love wolves too, and revere their family life and intelligence, they are best left to be wolves. Who knows what wiles the first human used to coax wolves to trust us. And look what we did with that trust. We cross bred them into chihuahuas. :-)

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Cover yourself in deer blood.

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@ETpro I think that we first observed how well a wolf pack runs and is able to take down prey. We probably got our first wolves through abandoned pups.

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@tranquilsea That makes good sense. If raised as an abandoned pup they would have a sense of pack bonding to the human who nurtured them. They are doing the same now with hyenas in Africa with some success. Having a pet hyena in tow is an alpha male status symbol par excellence. Even better than wearing leathers and riding a Harley.

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Wear a hooded red cape and head towards Grama’s!

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Sorry to be a wet blanket, but if you truly love a wolf, leave it alone. That movie “Dances with wolves” was fiction. It is very rare for anyone to become ‘friends’ with a wild animal, and even then, the wolf can attack at any moment.

Wolves that are accustomed to ‘tame’ humans are usually the first ones killed by hunters.

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I would think big tits, narrow waist and legs that go all the way down to the ground would do it.

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@YARNLADY In the entire of recorded history, there is not a single verified account of a healthy wolf attack on a healthy, adult human being. It just doesn’t happen.

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@SmashTheState That is often claimed, but does not appear to be entirely accurate.

I would not expect a lone wolf to do anything but avoid an adult human. But a very hungry pack might do otherwise, particularly if able to sneak into a campground undetected.

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@ETpro The article you cite admits that there has never been a documented attack by a healthy wolf on an adult, but attempts to explain why this discounts what the author regards as legitimate attacks. I’m inclined to disagree with the author. The very fact of a wolf attacking a human indicates that there must be sickness or starvation involved. If ever wolves considered humans as legitimate prey, that time has long since passed. The only species which tried to assert its dominance in the food chain over humans—the sabre-toothed cat—was systematically hunted down in its caves one by one and turned into rugs. All species show a totally understandable reticence to attempt to predate humans, since we’re the most ferocious, ruthless, cunning predators ever to have existed on Planet Earth. We eat sharks.

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@SmashTheState You may be right. If they were still around, we would eat the Tyrannosaurs Rex.

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if your ever dangerously near a wolf roll onto your back and show your belly, flash the whites of your eyes at it. this is submitting and saying you are of a higher rank and i respect you.

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