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Can you make your own characters and levels for PAIN?

Asked by HungryGuy (15979points) July 4th, 2010

Is there a charater or level editor you can download? Or what?

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I live in constant pain. It is no game. At least no for me?

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@Dr_Lawrence PAIN is an exclusive Playstation Network game.

No, @HungryGuy not that I know of, but of course I don’t play the game either.

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@Dr_LawrencePAIN is a game for the Playstation. It’s sort’a like 3D pinball, where you shoot helpless people from a giant slingshot into a destructible enviromnent. The more pain the person gets, the higher your score…

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no, i win

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that game looks like itd get boring as hell after about 20 min….

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@uberbatman – That’s why I want to design my own levels…

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