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Worst questions to ask on a first date would be?

Asked by ucme (46457points) July 4th, 2010

Yeah, anything that would severely jeopardize any chance of the relationship progressing much further than first base.Hypothetical so take it as far as you wish, the funnier the better.

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Got Gardnerella vaginalis?

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So how much do you make every year after taxes, Tiny?

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Is there any insanity in your family?

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Can you pick me up at my mothers?
What’s your hot friends name?
Can you borrow me $100 for tonight’s date?
Do you hear voices too??
Can you shave my back?

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Would you prefer a spring or summer wedding?

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Can I stick it in your butt?

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Let me feel your boobs, so I get be sure they are really “C” cup.
They don’t bounce enough to be natural!

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You mind if i let the Jellies on Fluther analyze our disastrous first date?

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@aprilsimnel Vanessuh enquired as to whether she could proceed to insert something into her date’s rectum. What’s not clear?

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@zenele – Please refer to this.

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[NSFW] “Would you like to be my Cum Sponge?” Either she’ll kick you in the nuts and walk away in an angry huff. Or you’ll spend the evening in erotic bliss.

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@HungryGuy Cut right to the chase, “would you like coffee with that”

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@ucme – No better way to come to an agreement with a potential partner. Too many guys (and girls) hem-and-haw and are afraid to talk about what’s really on their mind. If you forget trying not to offend people and come right out and talk about things and what you’re into, you’ll (1) weed out the prudes straight away, and (2) have a lot more fun when you get home…

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I’m laughing hard.

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“So are we gonna fuck or what?”

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@AstroChuck – Exactly! Sure, a lot of girls will tell you to “Get lost!” But you’d be surprised how many will say, “Yes!”

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@HungryGuy- That’s how I picked up my wife.

How about-
“You’re so hot I’d eat the corn outta your shit!”

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“So my face, your ass, let’s get together shoot the breeze”

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@AstroChuck – Yup. Some people are into that…

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“You, um, were born a woman, right?”

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@bob_ – Actually, I’ve been known to ask a woman that very question before things get “interesting.”

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@HungryGuy How did she react?

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@bob_ – Very matter-of-factly assured me that she was, indeed, a genuine bona-fide female.

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Got implants?

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Some of you guys are just SICK!
Please go answer my skateboard question! It’s important to me.

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so what do you do? o;0

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@aprilsimnel what what Daayyamm!!

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“You into copraphilia too?”

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@AstroChuck Just googled copraphilia. ICK!

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Are you a virgin?
Which way did he go?
You were paying right?
Do you queef?
Have you ever clam stamped a person before?

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@knitfroggy- Like you didn’t already know.

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Can I stick it in your frizzer for now?

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@AstroChuck You know damn good and well that is our “dirty” little secret…

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bob: Good evening. You look much nicer in person.

blind date: Thank you, you’re much taller and handsomer. (Smiles)

bob: Yes. Now go make me a sandwich.

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Are you as good as your mom?

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@talljasperman That was an “Oy” moment.

But a cool fantasy, eh? Milf et fils.

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How would you like to make an extra $500 this evening?

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