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I lost my motivation at work. How do I put myself the same motivation I had at first?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) July 4th, 2010

Don’t know why, but the last month I lost all my motivation. I was so excited about what we are doing here and now its like I am not sure any more if this effort really worthwhile?

I thought I should go on a vaction but I’m not sure it would help.

Did it happen to you too? What did you do?
I feel like I lost all my energy to come every day to work :-/

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Is earning a wage any motivation? I’d come up with some practical reasons unless you have no need to work. If you don’t need a job, sure…go on an extended vacation and talk with yourself about what you want to do with your life. Good luck.

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Yes, it has happened to me, and more than once over the years. Vacations never helped, as they were just a short-term escape, and the cause was still there when I went back.

If you want a helpful answer from anyone of us, you may need to provide more information or do some soul-searching. So, here are some questions to ask yourself, and if you want to, feel free to post your answers:

Is the cause of the discontent something at work?
* Do you have a new supervisor?
* Have you been promoted from a job that you really enjoyed to something new?
* Have you been given different tasks that do not play to your strengths?
* Is there a co-worker who is making it miserable for you?

Or is the cause something outside of work?
* Have you had any health problems?
* Have you lost a loved one?
* Is there someone in new in your life?

All of the above, except for health problems, have impacted my feelings about my job at one time or another. I took it on as my responsibility to sort it out or move on to another job.

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Hi @Pied_Pfeffer , Thanks for your questions, but its none of that. I am feeling like everything here is going so SLOW. Something that can be done in 2–3 month, is being done in half a year by now. Like no one is really care about the lost time. the slow motion of everything. I’m finishing my work very fast, because I think I am very hardworking and dedicated, but the rest of my teammates are doing everything slowly and deliberately.

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Sounds like you work for the government, @Ranimi23. Just take it low and slow – you were excited at first – then stopped and looked around you only to realize they are all in slow motion. Adapt.

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Thanks for providing the source of the discontent. And oh, how I can relate to how you feel. I would go to work to do a good job and get things done well and done quickly. If it took going in early, staying late or working on weekends, I did so with no complaint. Co-workers lounging around the water cooler and talking about their weekend activities used to drive me insane.

I’ve learned that it takes a village, as well as good leadership to get a project completed. The best projects I’ve worked on started with an idea, then a meeting with anyone who would be involved to solicit their feedback. These meetings last a looooong time because they come up with ideas that may influence the plan and concerns that haven’t been thought of and need to be addressed.

The key seems to be to put together an action plan of each step, how soon each can be realistically accomplished, and who is responsible for each task. Then hold them accountable for meeting the deadline. Co-workers also need to communicate to the rest of the group if they cannot. Maybe something else came up in their job, or maybe the targeted date turns out to be unrealistic.

When projects are managed properly, they work like a well-oiled machine with a kink here and there. And everyone feels great for being a part of it. And if the co-workers hanging out in the break room are getting their work done on time, it’s fine with me. It’s something that brings them a bit of joy to their day.

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This thing can really drive me crazy. Because if I finish my work quickly and efficiently, logically I want to go home to my family and my children and spend the remaining time of the day. But no, since they all work so slowly with such laziness, they stay up late hours and I feel it’s not pleasant to walk out, although I have done a lot more work and I was not wasting my time.

I have the suspicion that they may think that because I was going early, as if I did less work. But in practice it’s really not like that. I just did my job faster. I did not smoke, did not waste time on food and services. I focused on the task and did her best as possible.

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Will you explain why a co-worker might think that you were doing less work if you leave early?

Maybe you can work something out with your supervisor, where if you finish your tasks for the day, you can leave when you are done. If you are in the US and on exempt pay, it won’t impact your salary. If hourly paid, your salary will be based upon the hours that you work. And if you don’t care about getting a full 40 hour’s pay, this arrangement could be a win-win situation.

Breaks are necessary, and it is not up to any of us to judge how that allotted time is spent.

Sometimes the reason people work more slowly than others is because they want to put a lot of care and thought into their work. They may also have other tasks that need to be completed and have a higher priority that you are not aware of. There will always be people who move both literally or figuratively faster or slower than you do. It’s part of life.

If these feelings are strong and not something you can learn to deal with and accept, I suggest that you look into another working environment. You are probably better suited for something where you are responsible for completing tasks/projects in a timely manner and do not rely on others. And preferably something you can do on your own.

I was a hotel inspector with a territory, and we predominantly worked alone and at our own pace, other than meeting goals for the # of inspections conducted. Family and friends have started their own business, which allowed them to work their own hours and schedules.

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You need a reason for your action. When I was working as a cashier(part time job) I felt that I’m missing so many thing I could do if I’m not working there,and the same job every day at the same time really bored me to death but I keep working since I know the reason I’m there,wasting my precious time and energy is to get more money to buy whatever I wanted and to feed,play,and sustain the life of my lovely pets. The happiness after the work is the best reason to motivate you. Many people just work everyday whether they like it or not they do it to sustain their life. Please find your reason and be grateful.

Eat healthy food,healthy life style,and keep reminds yourself that the reason you’re there is to makes yourself even richer each day(or your other personal goal). I know you can do it! you’re the best there! Don’t let others to put you down! Now I give you some motivation.

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