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I am eating raw food only. I'm really bored with it. anybody have any tips on how to make it more tasty and interesting?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16739points) July 4th, 2010

I really am not into all the chopping. Can you think of anything I can do to make me feel like eating?

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Yes. Cook or fry it.

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You could cover it with cheese.

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Nope. It is what it is. You just discovered why it’s not a popular diet.

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Eat chicken and play salmonella roulette.

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spices and herbs are generally raw and healthy, experiment. Make sure you’re not eating any grains, legumes, or spuds raw; they’re toxic. A lot of people make that mistake and mess themselves up. Maybe that’s why your appetite isn’t that strong?

if you stick with a full, healthy raw-diet for long enough, your cravings should eventually fall in line with it, I think. (I say this while eating a toasted ham sandwich)

Nutrition is the basis of health and health the basis of life. You’ve gotten this far, don’t stop now. Good luck.

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I’m with @zenele Sweetheart!

Cook that yummy food with some garlic, or…

Life’s too short to give up food. Good food.

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Go into the woods and run down a deer and tear it apart with your teeth, pull out its beating heart and chomp into that. That should cure the boredom of raw food right quick!

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Are you making the same foods all the time? This may be simple, but find some new recipes. Even Food and Wine is publishing raw food recipes anymore. Here are some more recipes. Even people who cook food have to step outside of their usual routine now and again.

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@wundayatta I have dreams like that when I drop my daily calories. . . not kidding, I kill and eat animals in my dreams if I go to bed hungry… I’d never make it as a full vegetarian

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Place a raw beef roast in a deep dish with a few ounces of water. Pour two packages of dried mushroom soup over the roast. Slice potatoes, onions, and carrots into the dish. Cover and bake at 250 degrees F for about 4.5 hours. It will be delicious.

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My dogs are on a primarily raw diet, but I do cook some things for them.

If I am not being too presumptuous, why are you going raw???

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You need a food processor for sure. It’s almost impossible to be a raw food person without a food processor. Unless you’re into munching on singular vegetables and grains all day.

Cut the vegetables smaller. They taste better small.

Smash mustard seeds, celery seeds, and honey into a goo, and mix that goo into your vegetables. (Or the lazy way, just buy honey-mustard dressing and pour it on the vegetables).

Make more breads, here’s a place to get raw food bread and cracker recipes:

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You may want to invest in a juicer. What’s boring to eat may be quite enjoyable to drink if you add a handful of fruit and some ice to it.

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I find a mix with more fruits and fewer vegetables is great for a change. I mostly puree my raw vegetables, and add some peppers, capers or mustard seeds. I wouldn’t suggest all three at once. Sprinkle a lot of bean or lentil sprouts on your salad, along with some slivered almonds.

I like to put several cut up pieces of broccoli, green beans and carrot slivers in a jar of pickle juice and leave them in the refrigerator for about a week. Pickled veges are the best.


Do what they do in Asia——chop some little red hot chillis in your food. It will really spice up your food (if you like spicey food) and increase you appetite. In Thailand and Malaysia, people make their food spicey to stimulate the appetite, because the hot, humid weather there often depresses one’s appetite.

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Fresh herbs, garlic and spices. You can infuse oil with things like this to make a nice dressing to put on salads & veggies.

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Add different dressing.

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I’m with the “put cheese on top of it” post. I guess you could MELT the cheese first but that would be cheating. Enjoy that 25lb weightloss!

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