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Drunken declarations of lurve. What would you like to say to your fellow jellies (how much do you love each other, man)

Asked by Jude (32112points) July 4th, 2010

It’s my first time celebrating the fourth. I’m on Lake Huron, BBqing, kayaking, eating ribs, singing and drinking with the neighbors…

I lurve you all. I lurve my neighbors to the South. And, R, I’m truly sorry. Love you girl.

thanks, the powers that be for this lovely social networking site

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Man hugs all around (thump thump)!

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I’m pretty sure I need to apologize to Allie for something. I don’t remember what I did that was bad or even if I did a bad thing. But I know that I should apologize.

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I’m thinking how nice it is that @jjmah gets to celebrate two independence days in one long weekend!
Be careful around the water you tipsy jelly! Look to the west, I’m making a toast to you!

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I just shut off the grill and will be setting off the fireworks in about an hour. Just dodging mosquitoes and sucking down Bass Ale.

Big, sloppy ((hugs)) all around. I love you all and happy Fourth!

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How personal can we get. I’m glad to see one fellow jelly is trying to be less confrontational, because he has a lot of very good answers.

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Bears hugs all around and a big wet kiss to the first jelly to get in line.

I wuv you peoples.

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Hello fellow Jellies, and a hug to each of you.

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I lurve all of you very much…Freedom, rock n roll, and fluther.

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