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What's a good way to get rid of moles under a lawn?

Asked by gondwanalon (16993points) July 4th, 2010

Moles are hard at work tearing up my lawn. Smoke bombs had a good effect for a couple of years until last year when smoke bombs had no effect. The only thing that stopped the moles last year was a Northwestern Garter snake that put down one mole holes. I haven’t been able to capture any garter snakes this year yet so here I sit watching my yard being destroyed by the little rodents. I’m thinking about dropping a fire cracker down a mole hole and quickly covering it with the bottom of a trash can hoping that the concussion will either kill or chase the moles away from my yard. Do you have any good ideas?

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hand to hand combat

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or… if you don’t want to get your ass kicked by small furry creatures, I read somewhere that vibrations can chase them away… Not exactly sure what you do though

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Before you start with explosives, watch Caddyshack.

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You can purchase garter snakes, if you can’t capture any.

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dried fox urine….....they sell it….

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i used to watch were they were digging, and i would blast that spot with a 12 gauge shotgun, killed dozens like this/ of course, i lived out in the country

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What about pumping car or truck exhaust into the hole(s)?

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A Chem professor from long ago told us about calcium carbide, and how it used to be used in mole removal. Toss a few pellets down the hole, hose it down, and light it up.
Calcium carbide will, upon exposure to water, emit hydrogen gas.

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One of those fabulous spring traps that impales them. Why pollute the green earth with smoke and chemicals?

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You have to put empty beer bottles in to the holes, one each in normal standing position, without the cap on it. As the wind blows, the bottles gonna make a weird sound, which you can’t hear but the mole can. And they can’t take that frequency, so they move on.

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Drawn them with lots of water. They won’t die but they will get out of their hole.

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laser surgery.

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@josie Where do you think that chemicals come from?
@mammal Laser surgery is unnecessarily expensive; a standard scalpel-and-stitches will do.

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