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If i have a girlfriend that talks to a lot of guys, what do i do?

Asked by xboxfan (110points) July 4th, 2010

If my friend (best friend) ask for her number for a friend wise thing, and he and her talks to each other a lot, does that mean he likes her or something? She also talks to my friends on facebook which are guys.. Do i break up with her? And if i do, What should i say?

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I talk to a lot of girls. I sleep with my girlfriend. She knows it, I know it. Does not have to be a problem. But if you don’t like it, find a girl that is not sociable. Eventually though, you will get tired of that. Nobody said it would be easy.

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trust or not, that is your decision…....
some girls are very social…..
does she still talk to you??

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In what fashion is she talking to other guys?

A girl can have guy friends and many but it does not mean anything unless you know something we don’t.

Imagine the flipside you had many friends majority of them are girls, and your girlfriend breaks up with you just for that.

That to me just shows you are insecure. Unless like I said you have good reason that person is up to something or past history.

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I’m sorry, but it sounds to me like you are concerned more with outward appearances than with a relationship. Your girlfriend is a person with her own desires and life. You don’t own her.

If you want the answer to your question, ask her. Since it appears that you don’t feel like you can talk to her, I’d say you should break up with her. Tell her you’re not mature enough for a relationship yet.

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Your options seem to be these:

(1) Follow her everywhere she goes, hiding outside her windows at night, until you can stand it no longer and you end up in your basement screaming “IT PUTS THE LOTION ON ITS SKIN” at her.

(2) Accept that the jealousy is your problem, not hers, and grow as a human being by learning to put it aside.

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I am not the jealous type, and I don’t have trust issues, but I do think it would be odd for your girlfriend to talk to a guy friend of yours all of the time. What are they talking about?

Facebook would not bother me, assuming she is not chatting with men on their and avoiding time with you.

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Sweety, If you are comfortable in your own skin and you love your girlfriend unconditionaly then there shouldn’t be any problems.

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So all of you above think there is nothing wrong with your SO talking to your friends all of the time without you there?

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If you are in a committed relationship, you should have absolutely zero concern about this. If you have a concern about it, talk to your S O. Avoid confrontation, but simply express that is concerns you, and go on from there.

My husband once received a valentine from an internet contact of his, and I told him it bothered me. It has never happened again.

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Learn to trust her.

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I’m engaged, live with him, wash his socks.. all that jazz.. but I talk to other guys all the time, we share male and female friends, and we have our own, he doesn’t drink, so I go out drinking with my friends, and his. He has my friends over for Xbox sessions (yes, female friends who play consoles!) It’s not a big deal as long as you know and trust each other. I don’t really understand jealousy, but I have seen what it can do. Have a talk with her, explain it’s making you a little uneasy. Whatever you do, DON’T imply she is doing anything wrong… she’s female, she will Godzilla you if you make false accusations.

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It really depends on you expect from your relationship. If both of you agree to keep each other commitment then you should break up with her since she has already violating the agreement. If you prefer a more free relationship then there’s no one to blame here(provided you respect each other and know your boundaries). Talk to her about this,she probably hasn’t noticed about this yet since she’s been a social cat from a long time. Or break up with her since her behavior will invite many unexpected thing in this relationship.

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Talking. She’s talking. not ‘having sex with’

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@Chrissi85 You were his socks? If he’s wearing you on his feet, your relationship has more than just trust issues.

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@SmashTheState haha wash, wash his socks. I have a new keyboard and the keys are tiny sorry. Anyway, maybe I was his socks, what we do in the bedroom is our business =P

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Talk to her if you’re uncomfortable with how she and the guy friends talk to each other. For her it might be natural to have always flirted with them but not usual to always have a bf at the same time. You and she need to agree on what boundaries are acceptable when it comes to others otherwise saying nothing will cause you to suspect and seethe.

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The easiest way to solve this is by talking about it. If she thinks your being overbearing point out to her what you think is wrong with it any maybe she can gain some perspective. Or if you trust her than there isnt a problem unless it bugs you or takes you away from her
Good Luck

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