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Fireworks?? good, bad?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 4th, 2010

I have loved fireworks only a couple of times. We have a huge display every year in April. I’m not into it….at all.
noise pollution, air pollution
Is it worth it?
My neighborhood sounds like a war zone.
Wouldnt a better display of freedom being running around necked??

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You might have the right idea, but fireworks are not outlawed in most states, but running around naked is a definite law violation.

If they didn’t shoot fireworks, they would be shooting pistols into the air. lets keep the fireworks.

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I think it is definitely worth it. I love fireworks. When I go to Disneyland, they pretty much have the same display every day, but I still like to see it every day I’m there. I just have a thing for them; they’re awesome. I don’t think they’re done often enough for it to be a real problem. Outside of theme parks, it’s 4th of July, New Year’s, and that’s kind of it.

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@john65pennington I do hate guns worse…...does Mikey hate them???

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I love fireworks…but could easily live without motorcycles and leaf blowers…pick your poison.

At least fireworks are beautiful and awe inspiring, whats awe inspiring about a leaf blower? lol

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The sound, the sight, the smell, the way you can feel them in your chest, what they symbolize, the way they bring people together… everything.
Everything about fireworks is fantastic.

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Jazmina, Mikey hates any type of loud noise. it puts him into orbit and he destroys things. never had him around a gunshot before. he might stroke out.

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i <3 Mikey….....

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I love to see a great fireworks display.
My big dog walker cowers with fear at the sound they make and he is terrified by thunder.

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Personally, I love fireworks. However, I have read reports saying they pollute the atmosphere, which was something I had never even considered.

Next thing we know, the oxygen companies are going to make personal oxygen gear for every man, woman and child.

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we get huge clouds in april after the big show and the weatherman tracks where the smoke will be. That is disgusting.
My old dog cant hear much anymore…...but I would drather cower with her.

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Yep, right along with helmet laws for rocking horses and insurance to push a shopping cart..

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@Coloma They used to pay kids to push our shopping carts, but that’s one more teen job that hit the dust.

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I do like fireworks but understand what you’re saying as well. And I could def do without people popping firecrackers all over. Geez.

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I choose ‘C: Flippin’ Awsome.

It’s only once a year and if I want to start addressing noise pollution, I’d like to see all the Harley’s in the area magically disappear.

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I love fireworks, my pets, not so much.

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Fireworks are teh awesomesauce.

It’s only a few times a year around here and I enjoy them.

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Tonight, I have tranquilized my poor dog, so he is currently sleeping on his chair, and I have turned the whole house fan on, and the TV is playing loud.

I could go outside and sit by the pool in my lounge chair and watch the sky bursts from the Mall ½ mile away, but I discovered The Greatest American Hero is being aired on the SyFy channel, so I’m staying indoors.

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I like to watch the big display the city puts on. My kids/husband setting off fireworks makes me a nervous wreck. The first thing my son lit landed on the neighbors roof. We hate those neighbors and they hate us. Good thing they weren’t home at the time. It was just a parachute thing, no fire or anything. It’s rained since, so hopefully it went away. I watched for about 20 minutes before I claimed the mosquitos were eating me alive and came in the house. Two kids with fireworks just makes me too edgy! I was just glad the rain stopped long enough for them to have a little fun.

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First of all, they sound nothing like a war zone.
I think they are really cool, and I have always liked them. And I have always been intrigued by why and how they were actually invented. Explosives as an art form! Amazing. Anyway, without them certain celebrations would be boring. Anything worth celebrating deserves a few fireworks. There is nothing quite as awe inspiring as a great fireworks show.
With the exception of an FFE artillery barrage, which is truly awesome.

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@josie nothing like a war zone? Well, maybe, but when I lived near the Watts riots, it sounded exactly like that when the guns were firing night after night for nearly a week.

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Love ‘em. It’s the sound of hot summer nights and freedom.

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I like them, but I wish they would be left to the professionals. The pros generally do a great job and are much better than the backyard boys who like to blow things up.

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They’re fun, except for amateurs making mischief with them and occasionally blowing off bits of their anatomy. Caveat emptor, except for the larger devices.

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It upsets the animals too much, and that’s enough for me to make my decision about fireworks. They should be stricter in imposing fireworks bans in suburbs etc.

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