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Is there a way to check on answers by specific members of the collective?

Asked by josie (29323points) July 4th, 2010

Obviously, it is fun to see all the interesting and funny answers that people offer up on Fluther. I have noticed that some folks consistantly give thoughtful or entertaining answers. There are many examples, but I frequently get a kick out of ChazMaz, Jeruba, Blackberry and others. Is there some way to check specifically on particular Flutherites [?] activity? Or would that be a form of stalking?

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Yes, go to their Profile.

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If they have it enabled you can view them in their profile. The settings look like this.

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@johnpowell thanks, i did not know about the settings i thought they were always visible

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@anartist :: There was a bit of an outrage here when they first rolled the feature out. At first it was for everyone. People were not happy so they added a way to control who sees what.

I’m not sure what the default is.

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PM them and ask them whatever it is you are wanting to know.

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I don’t enable.

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