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Do people on any of those candid camera shows get anything?

Asked by Zone36 (413points) July 4th, 2010

From funny prank shows like Jamie Kennedy Experiment down to serious things like To Catch a Predator.

Do people receive anything from these shows at all?

Don’t the ‘victims’ have to sign some sort of release for the networks to be able to use them in the show?

For example: Sometimes on JKX they offer fake work or some sort of interview. Do they get like 50 bucks for their trouble?

How about Punk’d? Do the ‘stars’ they prank get any royalties for being use?

And for to catch a predator, how in the hell do they get the guy’s permission to use his image on the show? Are there loopholes they use to get around that? Or are there special rules for ‘journalism’?

What other shows are there and do they get anything?

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they do have to get consent to show people. the original was Candid Camera.

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No,I think they won’t get any reward from being the victim of this kind of show. Who cares about cash if your face will show up all around the world through some famous channel.

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I think because the people in to catch a predator basically become registered sex offenders it means that they can do the whole ‘name and shame’ punishment on them

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I think on kicked in the nuts the participants just get kicked in the nuts. It’s pretty bizarre how when people find out they’ve been filmed, they think it’s okay.

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Usually, the people are happy to be on TV for free. And the producers know this, and will specify that they get nothing. They may be entered into a raffle, but that’s about it.

However, if the subject insists she does not want the segment of her aired, then she will be offered money at that point.

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