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What's your favourite album of 2010 so far?

Asked by jonnyhoar (4points) July 5th, 2010

Need to hear something new today and I’m out of ideas…

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Li(f)e by Sage Francis. It is smart hip-hop. No nigger, bitch crap in his music. Just smart lyrics with good beats.

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Exit Calm’s self-titled. The proper second coming of the Verve (the Verve of A Storm in Heaven, not “Bittersweet Symphony”).

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This by Nora Jones. Ask me again 10 years from now and you will get the same answer!

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Sorry, so far this year, i have yet to find any music worth buying. been that way since the mid 80s.

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Eghhh this is a hard question.I listen to far to much music and from so many different genres to be able to eve compare them. Ill just list a couple great cd’s ive been listening to this year instead.

Rafter-Animal Feelings
The White Panda-Rematch
Chemical Brothers-Further
RJD2-Inversions Of The Colossus
Gorillaz-Plastic Beach
The Roots-How I Got Over
Nas & Damian Marley- Distant Relatives

@johnpowell I really wasnt that overly impressed with Li(f)e as a whole. I thought “little houdini” and “The best of times” were bot amazing tracks, but aside from that, i found the cd a bit lacking

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Unitopia ~ Artifical

The Reasoning ~ Adverse Camber

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I’ve really liked these albums. They’re all over the place in genre, but they’re all excellent albums. 2010 is already way better than 2009 for music, and 2009 was pretty good.

Treats – Sleigh Bells
Broken Bells – Broken Bells
LP4 – Ratatat
This Is Happening – LCD Soundsystem
Further – The Chemical Brothers
Black Light – Groove Armada
Astro Coast – Surfer Blood
Champ – Tokyo Police Club
Transference – Spoon
Congratulations – MGMT

In order of how much I liked them. The Sleigh Bells one and Broken Bells one are almost a tie for first, and they’re so incredibly different.

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I havent heard brroken bells yet. Just got sleigh bells the other day, im really diggin it so far.

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One I intend to check out soon (indeed I downloaded it from Amazon when I went on my latest spree) is Teen Dream by Beach House. I’ve noticed a number of my neighbors have liked this one very much.

Given you liked my mention of early Verve, if you haven’t already check out the work of The Boxer Rebellion. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club also recently released Beat the Devil’s Tattoo.

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