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I'm looking into a buying an Ibanez (AF95PV); has anyone played this guitar and care to give a review. What are your thoughts on Ibanez guitars, in general?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 5th, 2010
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I’ve never fully played on an Ibanez, but I have tested a few out at the music shop. I personally really like them. I think they are built well and have a great sound quality. This is the Ibanez bass that I’ve always wanted to buy.

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My husband swears by his Iceman.

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I’ve owned that guitar. Bit heavy but worth it. Watch the bridge for buzzing, it’s an easy adjustment. I also lowered the action on mine. Tonality was good- very jazzy sound. Good blues sound- Kansas City not Delta.

Loved the guitar and never had a problem with it.

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Partial to Ovations and Fenders.

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The artcore line is a great one. I have an artcore Talman myself. Go for it, definitely.

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For that price/style I’d get a Gretsch instead but that is just me.

Not mention Double cut away! Same price :D

Serioulsy though I tell this to anyone go to some music shops whether it is GuitarCenter or the mom and pop joint , just go and try out guitars and find one that suits you best. Screw everyone else if you dig the tone and feel of it that is all that counts!

Have you even gotten a chance to play the one you are thinking about??

Oh and one last note do not try out the guitar you fancy on a 1,000 dollar Fender or MesaBoogie then go home and play on your little practice amp and are like “wtf?! this does not sound the same!”

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IMO it’s all about the neck. Buy the guitar that fits your hand the best. Ibanez are great guitars and from my POV favored by shred speed metal guitarist as they have hot and loud electronics. Gibsons are killer guitars but have a fatter neck and great for rhythm guitar. I will only play Fenders for the feel of the neck and the signature tone. Again buy what fits your hand first and foremost.

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I’ve played a few. They’re cool.

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@Steve_A Hit the nail on the head. I have a friend that has that guitar, and have played it, but have found the Gretsch G5120 far, far superior (which another friend owns).

When you’re not talking about solidbody guitars, I find the Ibanez build quality and pickups to be lacking compared to other semi-hollow and hollowbody guitars, which appear to be what you’re looking at.

But yeah, I’d take a good look at the Gretsch and perhaps see if you can play one or two at a music store.

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Ignore everyone else, @jjmah, I have a twin of that guitar. They’re fantastic.

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