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What's the best way to tell a boss she's mispronouncing your name?

Asked by dans85 (109points) February 23rd, 2007
I've been working at the same place for 5 or 6 months, and my boss originally pronounced my name correctly. But, after I was away for about a month, she began mispronouncing my name and I haven't said anything about it for at least 3 weeks. How do I tell her? (She's very sweet and wouldn't be hard to confront).
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with a sense of humor. "hey, can i tell you something? my name is really pronounced _____. no, no, people get it wrong all the time. actually, when i was little, there was this one kid that said it _________. isn't that funny?"
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something like that.
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If you'd like to go the passive agressive route why not answer the phone in front of her and say" hi this is (name pronounced correctly) speaking. How may I help you?" That should do the trick.
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The more time you let pass, the harder it becomes.. three weeks and counting? Approach will depend on boss, you, and your general working relationship together. I have always found that passive aggressive behavior professionally (and personally, I might add) is not the best way to improve relationships. If you guys get along, just mention it to her briefly and calmly.
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I am more than happy to adopt the new pronunciation of my name so long as my name is spelled sufficiently correct to deposit my paycheck.
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This may also be considered passive aggressive, but simply call her voicemail with some basic question you know the answer to, and leave a message when you know she won't pick up. Hi, it's (insert correct pronunciation here) - end of story. If she calls back, hopefully she'll get your outgoing voicemail message with the correct pronunciation on it too.

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