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Lower Back Just Went Out- What exercises are good to help me get moving again?

Asked by addictionsfb (30points) July 5th, 2010

I was bending with the knees but every now and then my lower back right in the middle decides to go a different direction than the rest of me. I can barely move and would like to know what exercises can help to at least get to a comfortable spot?

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You are best getting some Physio, they will give you a list of exercises that are safe for your back and will help you.

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Alternate heating pad and cold (package of frozen peas) for several days along with some serious rest. Then crawl to a doctor’s for an exam and an RX for physical therapy (what we call it in the US) designed for your particular cranky back.

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Lots of causes. But as a general statement, the best back exercise is abdominal exercise.

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Lots of experience here with a bad back. i have had four back surgeries. this works for me. for a total rest of your back, lay flat on the floor and put your legs on top of a chair cushion, in the chair. this relaxes every muscle in your back. taking an aspirin before a 20 minute soak in the tub also helps. after the twenty minutes, gradually begin to raise your knees to your chest for about 15 times. don’t overdo it, you could hurt your back muscles even more. the object is to get your muscles to stay limber. if i can help further, let me know.

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