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How do I "unsubscribe" from junk mail when they don't have an unsubscribe option?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43226points) July 5th, 2010

Yesterday I spent about 5 years unsubscribing from crap. I did it from my preview pane so I wouldn’t have to open them (virus maybe?) However, many of them don’t have an “unsubscribe” option, so how do I opt out? I get kind of concerned about opening those things all the way and replying….

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My experience is that the “unsubscribe” option only gets you more spam. If you use Outlook you can just mark the sender or domain as junk and it all gets sequestered in your Junk mail folder. I periodically go through and SELECT ALL and delete them. When you leave Outlook, they all go away. I have a spam filter on my home security program that deletes many from the server before they even get to me.

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Oh noes.. Never unsubscribe from SPAM. You just told them they have a valid email address and you actually look at the crap they send you.

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Gmail allows you to ‘report spam’, too. Also, they’re really good at not letting it in in the first place.

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Nope. When you’re geting too much spam, that’s the time to get yourself a new email address, tell your friends to update their address book, and close the old email account.

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@downtide Meh. I don’t wanna do that.

Guys, I’ve heard that it causes you to “get more” but that hasn’t been my experience. I’ve unsubscribed in the past, and it was several months before I got anything.

@Ron_C I have a “junk” icon, but I guess I’m not sure how to utilize it. I click on junk in the email but nothing seems to happen….

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@Dutchess_III what email program are you using?

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Thunderbird…I love it.

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sorry @Dutchess_III, I have no experience with “Thunderbird”

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@Ron_C It’s almost identical to Outlook, only better.

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@Dutchess_III maybe, but I can make junk mail go away with Outlook.

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@Dutchess_III in Outlook you can do a couple things. If you get email from unwanted persons, you can create a RULE and send the undesired email to a folder or to the deleted folder based on who it is from, subject line contents or how it is addressed.

You can also mark it as junk mail and everything from that sender’s domain is sent to the junk mail folder which disable all links and downloaded pictures or any active content.

I periodically go through my junk mail and deleted email folder, “select ALL” and delete them permanently.

Maybe that works on your program too. Please be aware you don’t have all of these options on Outlook Express.

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@Ron_C I’m sure I do…I’ll just have to look. There is a tag for junk mail that comes with every mail, but nothing seems to happen when I click it….

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@Dutchess_III in Outlook, marking an email as junk,sends it, immediately, to the junk mail folder.

Maybe you have a bad copy or installtion. You may need to remove it, reboot, and reload it.

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