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My boyfriend want to have a 3some does this mean he is bored with me?

Asked by Ballbuster (14points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone

We have been together for 3 years. I’m scared to loose him.

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….it is every guys dream to have a 3some…

and if you think your going to lose him, then talk about it… be honest with him too, and 3 years, i don’t know how you two are, but it doesn’t sound like he’s getting bored.

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Not necessarily it could just mean that he wants to experiment a little and try new things. But you should talk to him about it and find out what he really thinks before rushing into anything.

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It’s obvious you don’t want it. Don’t do it. No one is worth compromising what you are uncomfortable with and, unfortunately your topics “love, sex” are greatly convoluted in this circumstance and please don’t do this for him because you love him, even if you’ve been together for three years, it doesn’t matter. No one is worth drastically compromising for. Of course in a relationship there will always be compromise and trying to find a mutual balance out of your love and respect for each other but if you are having feelings of him being bored with you and that’s why he wants the threesome… honey it just isn’t worth it. Giving him what he wants will only hurt you and if what you two have really is love he will respect that.

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I have to say that there is a lot of insight in Riser’s response. Sex is the one thing that we give to the person we’ve committed ourselves, the one that that we don’t share with everyone else. It is the one compromise in a relationship that shouldn’t be considered. It’s a very risky proposition, particularly if one of the people involved has hesitations, such as yourself. It will only reinforce any insecurities you may now have. Relationships generally can’t withstand these sorts of sexual dalliances.

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Actually it means he honors you. Having a threesome is his way of showing you that he appreciates you and doesn’t want you to have to work so hard to please him by having someone else join in. It may also give you extra pleasure.
Relax and enjoy and in the meantime, give him some good oral sex. It will make you both feel better.

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Did anyone else notice her screen name is “Ballbuster”?

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yes thats a great point, i wouldn’t want to be her boyfriend

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Sparg, her screen name is why I decided to weigh in. First, the question seems a little “troll” like. Second, with a screen name like Ballbuster I might be looking for a threesome too. No offense.

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Assuming a gender is foolish. It could be a guy.

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Johnpowell, you are absolutely correct. I’ll blame it on the 6:30 bus ride.

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Threesomes, as a general rule, tend to be very destructive to relationships. I’m sure there are some relationships out there that benefit from it, but only because both partners are really into it and are committed to all that is required to keep a relationship going with that kind of added tension. Honestly, I wouldn’t interpret your boyfriend’s request as him being bored with you (it is a fantasy of most men after-all), but in the same breath, I don’t think it’s a good idea seeing as how you don’t seem too excited about the idea.

Perhaps something as simple as adding a large mirror to the bedroom, could do a lot to spice up the sex in your relationship without having to bring another person into the bedroom. The mirror could help him satisfy any voyeuristic desires he might have, while possibly adding to the intimacy between you two. Just a thought.

Oh, and for the record, I personally would much rather have a threesome with two women than one and a mirror, but hey, sometimes you’ve got to take what you can get :P

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Definetely, yes.

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There are some issues in a relationship that I think require a “yes” from both parties. Children and threesomes come to mind immediately. I suppose there are others. These are issues that, if both parties aren’t all for, shouldn’t even be approached.

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I love how you were able to trunk “children” and “threesomes” in the same sentence.

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yeah. He wants new ass. You should do it. Except with another guy. Not 2 girls

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Naaaa… he’s just trying to live the American dream. I believe the next step is human sacrifice mid-coitus. At least it was for me. Oh how I miss Jennifer…

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My bf ask me to have threesome with his ex.. After turning him down many times, and he is still trying. I ask him ok if is him and another man.. he got angry and accuse me of i long wanted to have sex with other man. And i got no choice but to agree, but i also tell him i may not able to handle the relationship after seeing him having sex with his ex right infront of my eyes.. He told me he just want to expirence different sexual encounter with me only.

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