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What do you love most about your day? Name one thing (and only one thing)

Asked by Jude (32112points) July 5th, 2010

For me, each day, I open myself up a little bit more and let love in. It’s true.

Don’t all throw up at once

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Being alive to appreciate another one:)

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That despite a rough divorce 12 years ago, I am okay with my ex – and also get to see my kids everyday – the morning drive to school is a special time with them; I love “car talk”. Don’t all throw up together.

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coffee Hugs from my family.

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The love I get from my family, even when we are miles apart.

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Pretty much what @jjmah wrote. It’s taken me a long time to give as I now do and also to feel what I most want in return. It’s a fortunate time for me. Every day I wake up, wiggle around, feel someone snuggle into me and see the corners of their mouth raise then I’m a grinning happy bug.

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Taking my son to lunch and getting caught up to speed with his life of girls, cars, friends and computers… then the bill comes and I get to pay! Luv that kid!

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Hands down my kids.

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I learn something, usually from my boys or my man, every single day.

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Another day of life.

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The loving touch of my SO

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Continuing whatever project I’m currently working on.

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Going back to sleep.

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Seeing my niece Jacqueline happy and safe. For the first time in her life, she can come and go freely without fear of being attacked. She can sleep peacefully without worrying about who might sneak into her bedroom. Each day, I watch this beautiful young lady confidently opening up like a pretty flower. And to think that a few months ago I thought that I had no purpose left in life; how wrong I was. Some people might think that protecting and providing for others is a boring existence; au contraire!

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My boyfriend and I on the top of Mt. Diablo (it was amazing). :)

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Randomly stumbling onto fluther and feeling that there is still hope in the world internet.

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@Loominous Welcome to Fluther! :)

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I got to see my sister’s kids, whom I love more than anyone.

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Besides waking up I only have one real constant. I have daily math questions. I wake up in the morning and do the normal stuff and then I do math for 10 minutes. It helps clear the brain.

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@Loominous Welcome to Fluther! Flattery, and sometimes sandwiches, will get you everywhere.

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Having my kids come down the stairs each morning wiping sleep out of their eyes and saying, “Good morning Mom, did you sleep well?”. That and waking up to my husbands gentle snores.

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Waking up to a hot steaming cup of English Breakfast tea, the newspaper and looking out the windows to see what wildlife has wandered into the garden.

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Just another day in paradise. I mean it in the following way:

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Coffee in the garden full of beautiful flowers, on a swing with Rudy, my cat. Mine is a simple existence.

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Most days in the last 3 months while my wife has been away, my greatest pleasure comes from my time helping and listening to people I care about on fluther.

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^^^ Shalom chaver sheli. Have a great night as my day unfolds.

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^^^ Boker Tov chaver sheli. I am hurting too much to sleep.

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I love breakfast too. Sitting at the little table on the front porch, in the sun, a bowl of shredded wheat with blueberries, sugar banana, fresh coconut, almonds, yoghert and cold milk. The dogs at my feet waiting to lick the bowl and my mate across from me trying to read my paper upside down. It’s absolutely my favorite time of the day.

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Coming home from work and receiving kisses from my SO

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The limitlessness of potentially interesting thoughts.

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My morning chat with my boyfriend before I start work always helps get my day off to a good start.

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Experiencing connections.

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@Spider That sounds like a 1–800 phone “dating” number.

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@jfos Haha! Wonder where YOUR mind is… ;)

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Getting home from work, shower with my lovely lavender and chamomile shower gel, into fluffy jammies and hug my hubby and fur babies, its just heaven :-)
huggles xx

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Hey @bunnygrl – haven’t “seen” you in a while. :-)

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What beautiful, heart-warming replies. Well, guess I’ll go watch my new DVD The Grapes of Wrath. (hectic day)

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It’s not the same everyday. Today I love that I got stuff done that I had been putting off.

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@zenele hey zen <throws hugs> work has been pretty unpleasant lately, and I’ve been back and forth from the dr, apparently my blood pressure is too high, I’m to avoid anything too exciting for a while lol :-) How have you been?
huggles xx

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Great thanks!

I won’t say anything to cause you stress or excitement.

Try some of the music threads to chill.

Feel better.


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Feeling better already :-)
<throws mountains of hugs>

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Now go check out Dr Lawrence’s recent question about multiple orgasms – great for a laugh stimulation.

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@zenele LOL LOL LOL i was drinking apple lucozade just then!!! Zen you’re a wee tonic thank you <hugs> xx
happily chuckling away here :-)

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:-) Laughing is good.

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Feeling my baby kick and counting down the days until I meet him

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@jenandcolin I missed that feeling when my babies were finally born! Enjoy!

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@zenele its the best medicine ever <hugs>

@jenandcolin congratulations!

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Going and seeing my animals for the first time in the morning. The birds all line up and walk around you, the sheep usually don’t come to say hi except for my lamb Peebs who does come to his name, the goats come and say hello. Seeing every animal doing the same thing it was doing the day before really lets you reflect on the nature of life.

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feeling free to not wake up just yet.
(second place: hearing my kitty getting something out of her toy box)

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I’m at Cedar Point right now!

But its raining heavily :(

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I love the fact that after today I have a whole week off work.

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Finding this question so I can say EVERYTHING!

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