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Is your dispersal of lurve, dependent upon your mood?

Asked by MissA (7391points) July 5th, 2010

Maybe you’ve had a hard day…maybe it takes too much effort to hit the ‘good answer’ button. Or, maybe you’re feeling like doling out love for everyone!

Are you consistent with the way you dispense your lurve?

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I like to think I’m consistent. I give GA’s to answers that make me laugh. But I also like to hand out GA’s to people who consistently give good, thoughtful answers.

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Sure. If I am in a pissy mood less things will make me giggle. If I am happy I laugh at chinchilla farts. I’m sure that plays a part.

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@johnpowell, chinchilla farts?

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@MissA :: They are the third cousin of Unicorn Sneezes. They are rare but powerful.

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I just follow Ryan around and GA everything he says. Astrochuck too. The rest have to work very hard. ;-)

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@johnpowell, ahhh, the unicorn sneeezes. hmmmm.

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No, I’m an equal opportunity luver.

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No. But the quality and quantity of my answer and question will really depend on my mood/recent condition.

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I think I’m a bit more critical of answers when I’m in a bad mood, but I still tend to give GAs at about the same rate, regardless to what mood I’m in.

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I think I’m consistent with my lurve making giving. I enjoy clicking that GA or GQ button so I’d never not be bothered to click if I enjoyed someone’s input. To be honest, if I am having a bad day, I avoid Fluther and other social sites all together.

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Luver for all!

I’m out of here.

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I’ll have to keep track. Generally, if I like it, I lurve it.

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I think my mood factor has a 27.35% influence on my lurve dispersal.

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@mattbrowne Are you sure about that .0035 figure! <hug>

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@mattbrowne – It’s kind of embarrassing, but the computer program I wrote to determine a more exact value is still running and sweating like hell. I asked for supercomputer access but the weather guys wouldn’t give it to me ;-)

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