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Is anyone else bothered when the modding of comments destroys or disrupts the continuity of a thread?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) July 6th, 2010

I imagine this question has been asked before and if it has, I apologize; it’s just that when you read through a thread and comments have been removed but responses to those removed comments remain it can get very confusing.

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Yeah, it’s both visually interupting and then puts tons of other comments out of context (or makes them OT, unhelpful, etc). I mean, I actually like the modding, it just does destroy the flow.

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No just the opposite for me. Mean personal attacks, otherwise unhelpful comments do more to disrupt the thread than anything. Their removal is overall very useful to the thread IMO of course!

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Not so much – now that there’s the new feature.

The old way always had me curious as to what was removed. Now I find I care less, and visually skim over them barely noticing them – also because this ensued with proximity to the General/Social category change – which allows for more freedom in Social. You have to be a real jerk, or idiot, to be removed from a Social thread.

I’m speaking from experience of being modded in Social.

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@zenele I think I’d be ok if all the responses to the modded response were removed as well for being OT or unhelpful, except that it seems so extreme and unfair to the follow-ups.

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It doesn’t bother me. I’d rather not read the bickering and unhelpful responses.

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@papayalily Too hard to do – could the mods check with every single person after the modded post? I think not. Could they just arbitrarily remove all posts subsequently? Nope. How cold they determine which posts, and until when exactly – should be removed?

It’s imperfect, but like a Democracy – it sucks, but it’s the best we’ve got.

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@zenele Definitely – the lesser of two evils.

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I like reading the posts before they get modded…I love the laugh some of them give me

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Nope. Not bothered a bit. They do it to keep the responses on track, I get more annoyed when things move off topic with a couple of posters flirting with banter.
Jezz! Get a room you two!

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It’s a non issue.
I believe there is still plenty of content to get a grasp as to what is going on. As far as answering the question goes.

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@papayalily Thank you, I know at least one person agrees with me. And thanks to everyone else:


Last night I went to reread a thread and a number of comments had been moderated; removed and there were certain parts of the thread where it didn’t quite make sense anymore, where the back and forth was kind of disrupted, but to be honest, I think I was really just kind of annoyed that a comment of mine, that had already gotten at least 6 great answers, was removed by the moderators. I’m way over it now, in the clear light of day. I understand that it’s really kind of the only way to go. I could have said what I said better, I could have said it in a less inflammatory way or I could have not said it at all. I understand that it’s really kind of the only way to go, to remove the inflammatory or off topic remarks and leave the rest; the mods can’t be expected to remove a comment that violates the guidelines and then “re-edit” the thread for continuity.

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@lillycoyote I feel your pain

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@Cruiser Apparently I have been a tad cranky lately. Twice in the last week a comment of mine has been removed by moderators for being a “personal attack.” That’s generally not my style. If my comments were regularly removed by moderators for simple pomposity, I would certainly understand that, as I am pretty much pompous, on a regular basis, but personal attacks? Like I said, not generally my style. I am now going to have to take a chill pill each and every time I get on Fluther from now on. I can’t be trusted not be mouthy otherwise, it seems.

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Lurve ya dear. PM me when you’re online again.

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No, it doesn’t bother me. Personal attacks and off-topic crap doesn’t belong in a question and I don’t mind seeing it go. A bit of confusion is a small price to pay for no flamewars.

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@zenele Right back at ya.:-)

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In my experience in most cases it actually nourishes the continuity of a thread.

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@lilycoyote I love you so much… are not mean or mouthy, we all have passion, and these threads get heated…I’m surprised I dont get more flack. But you guys are more open than my family and ignorant neighbors.(personal attack that is a truth)

And I adore Fluther!!!! mods, Dog, sarcasm, zen and all.

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“Apparently I have been a tad cranky lately.”

Try changing your profile picture. That might might un-crank you. :-)

Use @mattbrowne s picture.

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@ChazMaz I’m going to use this one for a while; see if it improves my mood and interactions. They look happy, don’t they? :-)

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@jazmina88 Thank you so much! Your comment made my day.

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