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To be a "has been" or a "never was" which would you rather be?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) July 6th, 2010

It is better to be a “has been” or a “never was”? If you had to choose one of the 2 would you have rather been a big star (sports, music, screen, etc) commanding huge contracts, screaming fans where ever you went, money bling, all the trappings then loose it all some time later and end up trying to make ends meet doing just about anything like Gary Coleman or even penniless and homeless like Ray Williams, or would you rather never had been a star or anybody of note to never have the chance of going from the penthouse to the outhouse?

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I’d rather be a never was. I never liked the idea of “fame and fortune’. I like having my own little life where I can go do whatever I want without worrying about what people say. I’d imagine it’s a lot harder to not worry about what people say when it’s going to make headlines.

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I’d also rather be a “never was”. I have never liked the idea of being famous. I already hate being the center of attention, so I can’t even imagine how much I would hate being famous. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would want to be famous.

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The latter.

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In this context, a never-was. But if I had been in a place that garnered me wisdom or knowledge or experience, then I’d pick that.

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Never was. I have seen and done a lot of things in my life and failing or not finding a better way about things in my life is just not me.

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I am content without fame.

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Definitely a never was especially in this “fame” enthralled world. I can’t imagine having my every movement monitored, every foible used for entertainment purposes. BUT that wouldn’t just be me, that would extend to my kids too.

I feel bad for the people who have acting or music as a passion and get this in repayment. The fame seekers….not so much.

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That way, I still might get royalties from my hit single when they use it in commercials.

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I’d rather be a never-was. It’s nicely anonymous.

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Well, I’d rather be a “has been” because I’d have the memories to look back on. However that’s a pretty negative connotation. I think that gets pinned on people who can’t accept the fact that they can’t do whatever anymore, and keep on trying and trying and making fools out of themselves. So, I would like to have been great at something in my life (other than Fluthering….) but I would hope I’d know when to give it up gracefully.

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Nobody has ever been a “never was”.
Everybody is as they are, in essence.
And each will become a “has been” of what they were,

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I am a successful “never tried to be famous” who did his best at everything.

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If there’s only two choices, I’d pick has been, like @Dutchess_III said, so I’d have something fond to look back on. At least in one time in my life I was a somebody.

I still prefer secret choice number three: “somewhat successful and appropriately retired.”

Like Michael Jordan. Sure, he’s a has been, but he quit while he was ahead, and still does a few things on the side (like bringing back the toothbrush mustache!)

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I’m a “has been”. A few nice memories and I wasn’t so famous that I have to hide from anyone now.

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In a few contexts, I guess I am a “has been”. But to the people who were there, I’m not. I like the memories, even if in some cases they were scary and a challenge to my sanity. Guess I would rather be a “has been”

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I guess a “has been”. I’d liked to have had the experience of doing something more than to never have done it.

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I was married to a locally famous person for over 20 yrs. So I was famous and powerful by proxy. I hated it. (All that daily grooming and all those conferences.)

When we wanted to got the movies, we’d drive an extra 30 minutes in order to avoid seeing anyone we knew or who recognized us.

Here in the burgs, I am often mistaken for my sister. That is fine.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land If you write an autobiography, I promise that I’ll buy at least three copies. :D

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