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Has anyone ever been sued for downloading content from Youtube?

Asked by martini1179 (35points) July 6th, 2010

I’m starting a paper and I’d like to know if anyone (individual downloaders, specifically) has ever been sued for downloading (as opposed to simply watching/streaming) copyrighted content from Youtube, either by Youtube/Google itself or by content providers.

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Been doing this since I was 15. Never recieved a complaint or any action against my youtube account.

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I don’t think they usually go after the little fish.

The ones that accumulate a lot. Storing it all on their server for distribution to other are the ones they go after.

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A search for YouTube lawsuits turned up some interesting information, but I didn’t find anything about any individuals being sued. You could try looking if you want.

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Thank you all. I did of course Google this before asking, although I too didn’t find anything. I just thought that maybe there was a stray case or two that flew under tech policy blog radar.

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I could be wrong, but I think the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects both Youtube, and even moreso, its users. So long as Youtube honors every takedown request they receive that’s legitimate.

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