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How many more teeth does my puppy have left to lose?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) July 6th, 2010

He’s lost 6 that we know of, and I think he might have lost 2 or 3 and eaten them or we just never found them. He’s 8 months old. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but he’s half Cairn Terrier, and a quarter Shih Tzu and a quarter Pomeranian. He lost 4 of those 6 in one day, and he was teething before that just like he is now.

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He will lose all of his baby teeth – the rate varies according to breed and individual. You usually won’t even be aware that he’s lost one (they mostly get swallowed) unless you see a little blood.

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@syz I know he’ll lose all his baby teeth, but I don’t know how many baby teeth a dog has. And the 6 he lost actually fell out of his mouth and onto the ground and we found them by stepping on them. A dog’s tooth hurts to step on!

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28 baby teeth and around 42 adult teeth.

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@syz: 42? Is that significant. That’s a lot of teeth, however. No wonder that snarling dogs are scary.

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If he is eight months old he has lost all baby teeth by now. He will have a need to chew while the adult teeth are finishing their growing and then he will chew for fun.

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There are 28 baby teeth I believe…you prolly won’t find all of them. He is probably close to losing them all since he is 8 months old, but sometimes little dogs take longer to lose all of them or they retain a few of those baby teeth. My little dog had to take out two of her baby canine teeth because they wouldn’t fall out on their own :)

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