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What is something in the future you really look forward to?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) July 6th, 2010

It can be anything you have always dreamed of and you fully expect to see it or experience it. Whether peace on earth, personal hovercraft, vacation in space, become a millionaire, cure a killer disease, meet the love of your life…what do you really think will be in your future some day???

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Peace of mind.

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I am looking forward to a trip later in the summer.

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Owning a home (be settled).

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What I think will be in my future and what I think will happen within my lifetime are two different things. On my wishlist are:
* World peace
* More cures for debilitating diseases
* I’ve always wanted to be able to fly without wings or teleport like in Star Trek.

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When my husband and I first started taking our children on vacations to northern Wisconsin, it was the first time I noticed entire families renting several cabins and vacationing together. Grandma and grandpa in one cabin, mom and dad in another, their children in the other cabins, all having a wonderful time with each other. I love this idea and can’t wait to share this experience with my children, and hopefully grandchildren, in the future.

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Seeing my kids flourish & grow into exceptional young adults, yay!!!

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Feeling good about everything involved in my life.

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Finding a job. Perhaps there are some in Florida.~

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When my friends come down from Boston for a long weekend this fall.

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@ChazMaz What are the odds?

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Terminal medical cures.

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Going to the shooting range. Going to the gun shows. :-)

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@Lampustic Range is good clean fun!

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@Cruiser – Yes it is, no doubt. :-)

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@aprilsimnel Lurve for your optimism.

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”..peace on Earth..” will do for me.
And not very far in the “future”.

Throw in some “personal hovercraft” shoes as well.

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Retirement…. in 22 years

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When my son is a man and still my friend
When I am out of debt and earning my own living
When I have my degree
When I have my own home
When I can truly say I love myself without a doubt which might be sooner than I think

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My looking forward experiences usually don’t extend much beyond the next few months, such as a planned visit to the beach for my 35th anniversary in three months.

I do hope/expect to live long enough to see my 100th birthday and beyond in about 32½ years.

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~Owning my own home.
~Being completely free of dysfunctional family members who like to call every once in a while for no apparent reason other than making me feel like shit.
~A gratifying and mutually respectful loving and committed relationship again.
~Someone I can trust.

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@SeventhSense I think owning your own home will be doable.

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Is that a vote of confidence? And the rest?

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When my partner and I move into our own home, picked especially for our needs :)
We’re shooting for a yard big enough for the dog children to have shade and a place to romp. We also look forward to extra bedrooms so his kids can be comfortable when they come to hang out and it’s been so long since he’s been able to sit down at a home dining table with them all at once that soon we’ll have one just the right size for all of us, nice.

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-Obtaining my BSN.
-My husband coming home.
-Expanding our family.
-Settling in one area after my husband’s retirement.
-Watching our children grow and get on their own feet.

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@SeventhSense Relationships, family and other, are overrated. :-)

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Don’t you get as cynical as me now. There’s always hope. Meanwhile I’m going to get a gelatto. It’as like a billion degrees in NY

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Looking forward to many more years living with my wife in modest comfort with time to travel and enjoy our grandchildren.

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Resting next to my Meghan in the family graveyard.

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Ok you’re creeping us out now….

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I really look forward to living in my house with the man I love. :) That is something I can’t wait for. :)

I also am looking forward to the end of the ongoing oil spill and going to Morocco next week! :)

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@DominicX My brother is in Morocco now and will be through the end of the month.

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Lucky you bitch. Morocco sounds sweet.

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Space telescopes capable of analyzing the details of Earth-like exoplanets.

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I’m going on holiday tomorrow to France!

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Finally finding out what kind of future I will have.

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I hope to get past the fear, uncertainty and feelings of guilt in this new relationship I’ve stumbled into.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Gee, stranger. That doesn’t sound very rewarding . Guilt?? I’m sorry; hope it works out.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land – I think she would truly want you to be happy. Please try not to feel guilty!

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