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Can you play the lottery online?

Asked by wgallios (1768points) July 6th, 2010

I live in Nevada where they do not have a lottery (for obvious reasons). However I really like playing the lottery, and I do not prefer gambling in casinos.

I have seen sites that allow you to play the lottery online, however are any of these sites legit?

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Looking at my state’s web site, you can play by phone or mail, but they specify ”Illinois residents can play 13, 26 or 52 consecutive weeks of Mega Millions, Lotto or Little Lotto in advance from home.”

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In my state you can. :-)

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You can in my state, too, but I call it “throwing away money online.” ;-)

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Exactly. I don’t play it offline, and I’m not going to play it online. It’s nothing but a waste of money. :-)

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If you want to gamble there are plenty of better ways of doing it than the lottery, if you actually want to make money from it. An example is online poker (if you take some time to learn the game).

But if you just want to dump some money for entertainment, I do not mind what you do with your money :p.

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Why would anyone want to do such a foolish thing?

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@ItsAHabit the dream of always winning millions ;p

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and they never had lotteries out here. So I guess the concept has always been intriguing. I guess you may see it as I do would probably regular gambling .. a complete waste of money? just a thought.

I have walked through casinos at 4AM and seen people dumping money into machines hoping to win.

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I trust the online lottery websites more if they are US based. Some of them are lotteryonline4u courier the lotter and national lotteries but lotteryonline4u is the cheapest. I play lottery every week and doesn’t matter if I play online or buying tickets from the stores, I lose money anyway. But who knows, people play years after years when many of them win one day.

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