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Do you believe in ghosts and have you ever encountered one? What was it like?

Asked by trainerboy (1307points) March 19th, 2008

Ihave not seen one but I believe they are all around us.

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I tried to be open minded about it but honestly never believed in them until I worked in a building that had one and I actually saw him one night. The place was built on a civil war era armory. He must have died there guarding something because he’s still guarding the place today. I saw his uniform and everything!

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I believe in ghosts just about as much as i believe in the tooth fairy, santa claus, and god.

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so, uberbatum? You do believe in them?

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i do believe in ghosts. only because in my old house i actually believe i saw one. I can recall the events as if they were yesterday and i will never forget them, although i was only about 14 i remember her face, where she was, what was going on, everything. and it wasn’t like it was dark and rainy, she was in my house, all the lights on and everything. ever since then i have never had doubt that there are ghosts.

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I believe in ghosts. I’ve seen one, and it was the ghost of someone I knew, and it was very reassuring.

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uberbatman….do you really have to editorialize to show you think you are intellectually superior to others or can you just give a straight answer? I know you think you are better than others but why do you feel you have to prove it?

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Ghosts do not exist.

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Yeah, that’s what I used to think!!!


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Trainerboy, im not really sure how you figure im trying to show im better than others. Im just stating I dont believe in ghosts and its just more bullshit made up by people to explain the inexplicable. I was in no way trying to put anyone down, or raise myself above others. Sorry if it came off that way.

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Nope, my one friend said he saw the Jersey Devil on the road to my house…I just laughed at him. I lived on that road since 1995, and not once did i ever see anything spooky, or scary. So to answers your question, no i do not believe in ghosts.

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By making a statement that you believe in ghost like you believe in the tooth fairy makes it sound like anyone who would believe in ghosts has got to be a bit wacky. It seems condescending.

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Hmm good point. I didn’t really look at it like that. I just was saying I personally put the same amount of belief into both. im sorry if i came off like that, wasn’t my intention. Believe in what you will. Seriously who am i to tell you what to believe in and what not to.

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Cool dude! No problem. I know some very intelligent people who claim to have seen ghosts. I have not but it is a fascinating subject to me.

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two events

one where several people, in different cars saw it with me, driving by, a couple broken down on side of the road who looked to be from the early 1950 in an old caddy based on their clothes. We could not stop fleeing from….

A ghost passenger in my backseat on an area called devils slide in the bay area, freaky looking into your rearview mirror and seeing someone there that isn’t suppose to be

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when I was young we just moved into a condemned house. We worked on it and remodeled it for a year or so. I just moved into my new bedroom. I woke up around midnight to voices. I thought my brothers were messing with me, but the voices were coming from outside of my old 8 pane window, not the hallway. I didn’t have curtains, but couldn’t see my window. I slowly got up and looked. I will never forget that. Three were 8 faces looking in my window, all old and horrible, and all watching me and talking about and to me. I was so scared I could not move. I finally crawled behind my bed, but they were still there. I could hear them all night. I was not dreaming, because when the sun came up, I was still awake, then got dressed and went to school. This happenned almost every night for about six weeks. I mowed lawns to make money, then had my dad buy a window with it and put it in. He wanted to save the old window for a greenhouse, but that night I went out back and broke all of the panes out. Never saw the faces again. I have not seen any others, but that was enough. My parents and brothers used to wonder why they would find me hiding behind my bed early in the morning. Yeeuck. I hated that.

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Never encountered one but anything’s possible.

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good question, yes i have in my old house in orlando there was a family there years befor i guess.when me and my dad where remodeling we found some pics rolls and we had them developed.weeks later the sink in the bath room turened on and we dident know how it happened.weard i guess.another time when me and my dad left to go fishing we came home and there was a can of soup on the ground with the spoon next to it.we where the only ones living there so ya it was definently weard but if they make them selfs athome maby it was theres all along.true story hope this helps

PS dont be scared of them they cant hert you

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