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How do you flip a hardflip and a tre flip?

Asked by impulse132 (9points) July 6th, 2010

Ive been trying to hardflip and tre for the last 2 months I almost got it but I cant flip either tricks more than half way. For hardflips I do everything right the whole rotation goes great, but it only flips halfway. Same for tre flips, help please.

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make sure your’e going fast enough to begin with. you have to shove it and kick flip at the same time or youll have the problem youre having. make sure your landing is bolts on so you keep going. source: my son

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I tried doing that before it helps the flip but barley and it gets harder to land.

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It is hard to offer advice without seeing a video of how you are trying. Even making minor adjustments can make a huge difference.

Just keep trying and you will eventually get it (little changes are key). I spent a year learning 360 flips. That is part of the fun.

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also go to the local skatepark and have people there show you where you can see it. like @johnpowell said its about practice, practice. it takes a long time. land with each foot over the bolts.

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I’m sorry, I thought you were asking how to open your flip phone with one hand!

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