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I don't know about you - but I had a great day. And Holland just kicked ass and is in the finals - perfect. How was your day?

Asked by zenele (8252points) July 6th, 2010

Tell me. I want to know.

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Go Holland, it’s your birthday…

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It was an amazing game- I almost thought Uruguay would pull out on more and even it up. Almost as good as the Spain game the other night.

Today- I’m in pain but not telling Hubbs about it because he worries. I’m trying to not try to walk in front of him because I don’t want him to know. If it gets too bad I’ll tell him, but until then there’s just not much point.

Oh, I found a new blog that I’m enjoying. Feminist gamer stuff and it’s fun while being a safe space so I’m really happy about that.

My kittie’s wound is healing nicely and he’s back to being his usual self.

Also- cold diet Dr. Pepper is awesome. Truly awesome stuff.

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Well, since you asked…

It’s insanely hot here. Too hot for the kids to play outside, and certainly too hot for me to supervise them while they play outside! We had no choice but to make ice cream today: vanilla with crushed Samoas that I’d hidden in the freezer during Girl Scout cookie season.

Just when I thought we’d go crazy from being in the house, running out of ideas to keep busy, the UPS man showed up with our Wii! We’d sent it off to be repaired, and it’s back. Since it broke, I picked up some new Wii games from a swapping site I use. The kids have been falling in love with it all over again (it broke four months ago, but we only just got around to having it repaired).

The kids are getting leftover pizza for dinner, and when my husband comes home we’re cooking steaks on the grill with onions and green peppers.

Now I have to figure out how to survive the rest of this heat wave, which is supposed to last all week. :(

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Prediction – Germany and Holland. I’m rooting for the boys in orange.

Another day in lazybumdomville (I did work out, though). Hey, it’s my summer holidays :) Other than that, I’ve been avoiding a few family members. They’re nothing but trouble. Oh, and I sheared my Rude Dog (not what you think). I gave my 13 year old puppy a summer hair cut :)

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It was a good day!
How great would it be if the Orange boys go win it, and be only the second team after Brazil did in 1970 to do so with only won matches.

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Way too hot and humid. My roommate is pissing me off. But I got plenty of beer, so fuck it, I’m well. Whatever happened before don’t matter.

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So far it’s been ok.

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Well, today has been good so far, and yesterday it was way too hot to enjoy at home, especially since I do not have air conditioning other than a fan. Darn, well I love the sun but I need to love it at a distance. I am most partial to cooler temperatures. Have a lovely day everyone! ;-)

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Tired. The sun woke me up at six thirty. I want black drapes.

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I beat Silent Hill Shattered Memories and the plot twist traumatized me.

I feel awesome.

Also, vacation starts in a week, w00tz0rz

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Today has been good. My boyfriend and I enjoyed a laxy and sexy morning before getting up and being productive. I visited family members before chilling out in the evening.

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So far so good, still cool enough to do the sweeping and mopping and still have physical educational activities completed with the baby,She is ten months yound and almost is walking on her own, her mother literally ran at nine months and so she is being compared to her mother’s ability. No pressure though on her, just coaxing. I think I will get all the pre-cooking that can be done for dinner while it is still cool outside. Then there is laundry, well I guess I must shove off, Have a wonderful day everyone, check with you tommorow or later if I get a chance. ;-)

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